Saturday, October 6, 2012

SongwritersNotes E-News #135 October 2012

Hello Songwriter,

I open this newsletter with very sad news. We lost our old friend, Vern Daily, this week. He has gone to the big songwriters roundup in the sky. Please view our tribute page for details of the service this weekend. Vern is already greatly missed.

At the 2nd Tuesday meeting we'll have another extreme co-writes session. Bring remnants of lyrics, ideas, titles  and an instrument if you play. We'll break up into groups of lyricists and musicians. This is one of our favorite activities and usually yields some pretty good songs.
We have a new 1st Thursday Open Mic at Half Price Books on NW Hwy. See #4 below for details.

Our other regular DSA monthly events remain the same, 1st and 3rd Monday SongSwaps and 3rd Thursday Open Mic. For details, see #2 and #4 below.

Wanna be apart of the inner workings or the DSA? We have a board position open. We're looking for a Treasurer.

Many of you have asked how the my musical, GIVE ME A BREAK, is coming along. Well our team has been busy rehearsing the cast, and I've been busy recording and mixing the album.  I'm still madly mixing at Joe Musik trying to meet our deadline.  Take a look at our attractive cast.

It's been a busy six months. Please like us on Facebook and tell your friends about us.

 Last week we released two singles on ITunes with more to come.

Single 1 Rocking Machine - Original Cast Album featuring Pulsar5 #iTunes #breakthemusical #broadway #musical

Single 2    In Your Eyes (Original Cast Recording) by Tori Hudson & Ryan Amodor Keating

 We've started the countdown to the performance at the Art Centre Theater. I hope you all will come see the project that I've been bending your ear about for years. You have to be curious, right? You can buy tickets online by going through our facebook event page.

Also, we're looking for prop donations of non working music gear: Here's the list of the equipment props we need.  Please note that none of these need to be functional, they just need to look authentic.  If anyone wants to get a tax deduction for the donation, they can provide us a $ value and we'll generate a letter to document the donation:
-  Electric guitar
-  Guitar amp
-  Bass guitar
-  Bass amp
-  PA & speakers
-  Drums trap set, stool
-  Electric keyboard
-  Keyboard stand
-  5 mics w/ cords
-  2 boom mic stands
-  3 upright mic stands
-  flute
-  lots of cords
-  tambourine
-  guerro

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. I've learned it takes more than "a little help  from my friends" to jump the hurdles along the way and I could not have come this far without your help. I hope you will come see and hear what you've helped to create; download my songs and come see my show!

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QUICK LOOK CALENDAR OF DSA MONTHLY EVENTS - put this in your bookmark.


        2012 Dallas Songwriters Song Contest

Now in its 22nd year, The DSA 2012 Song Contest is one of the longest running international song contests for amateur songwriters. Over $5,000 in cash and prizes. You will find Semifinalist  here:

    Just Me and You by Macy Medford, Jonathan George, Houston, TX

    Here the song on ReverbNation

    Check out her website:

    That Old Shirt by Steve Chizmadia, Peekskill, NY

    You'll Be Back by Debra M. Gussin, Jonathan Bluth, LA, CA

    1. That Old Shirt by Steve Chizmadia, Peekskill, NY
    2. Kids These Days by Andy Hill, Renee Safier and Hardrain, Redondo Beach, CA
    3. Find My Way by Chris Alvarado, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

    1. Bookstore Blues by Eric Colville, The Selkies, Ipswich, MA
    2. Our Gumtree Home by Glen Naylor, Bright, Victoria, Australia
    3.  The Monster Masher by Lanny Sherwin, Santa Barbara, CA

    1. Blue Room by Keeton Coffman, Sping,TX
    2. Is That You? by Debra M. Gussin. Rik Howard, LA, CA
    3.  Holy Water by Spencer Clark, Saint Helena, CA 

    1. Abilene From Abilene by Kevin Reardon, Riverside, CT
    2. Liar by Daniel Sumber, Josh Patton, Brandon Sparks, (Patton Sparks Band), Austin, Tx
    3. I Love It When You Call by by Andy Taylor, Alpharetta, GA

    1. Dolphins In Love by Gavin R. Potter, Simons Town, S. Africa
    2. I Need You by V. Padla Gootee, Arlington, VA
    3. The Struggles Within by Diane Lekven, Jordan Perez, Rancho Sante Fe, CA

    1. I Like The Way You Look At Me by Belle Schneiderman, NY, NY
    2. Believe In Love by Robert Graham, Toronto, Ont, CAN
    3. Do U Miss The Heat by Debra M. Gussin, Stacy Hogan, LA, CA

    1. Fade To Grey by Chris O'Neil, Heathmont, Victoria, Australia
    2. Those Were The Days by Chase Thompson, Pasco, WA
    3. Julie by Philip Creamer, Daniel Creamer, Tucker,Cauble, Dallas, TX
    HM. So Confused by Nestor Cora, Brooklyn, NY

    1. I Am Not James Taylor by  Gordon Lustig, Napa, CA
    2. Just Me and You by Macy Medford, Jonathan George, Houston, TX
    3. Sing Your Song by Susie McLean, Mississauga, Ontario, CAN
    HM  I Gave You Away by Becky Wright, Tahlequah, OK

    Grand Prize is a Taylor Guitar signed by Beth Nielsen Chapman. The one she played on Good Morning Texas donated by our Prez, Roger Russell.

    Click here for more info about this contest, and for more information about joining DSA (membership not required to enter contest). Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions. 

    2001 - 2007 Winners Compilation CDs available at the DSA store

    All winning songs are on a CD Compilation that was given out at the Awards Ceremony. To get any 3 double CD's simply make a quarter note donation to DSA through our online store and send us an email to request which 3 years of Cd's you want us to mail you.


    2nd Tuesday Meeting, Oct. 9, 

    Bring lyrics, remnants of lyrics, ideas, titles, instruments, or garageband. Whatever is the weapon of your choice. We'll break up into groups of lyricists and musicians. This is a lot of fun and we usually have a number of good songs created by the end of the session. No song critiques this month. We want to use the entire time for songwriting.

    6:30 Sign In - Network
    7PM : Guest Speaker
    8PM: Song Critiques  - No critiques tonight

    See meeting page for more details

    Future Programs:
    November: Helene Cronin
    December: Christmas Party
    NEW shirts: $15 at the meeting (you must ask me for the special) or online by mail $20
    OLD shirts: $10 at the meeting (you must ask me for the special) or online by mail $15
    MONDAY SONG SWAPS for peer critique
    Song Swap Workshops
    Monthly 7:30-10 PM
    Free, Visitors Welcome
    Where songwriters perform their songs for peer review. Bring your guitar and a few lyric sheets. This is like an old fashioned guitar pull with comments between songs.

    FIRST MONDAY in East Dallas
    Half Price Books, 5803 E Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75231-6519 (214) 379-8000
    Roger Russell, Jame Pappas coordinating.
    We'll be in the Community Room at the back left in the building.

    Tino's at Collin Creek Mall- Steve Sullivan, coordinator.
    Tinos Mexican Restaurant Collin Creek Mall, Plano, Tx 

    3. BEST SONGS of the 2nd Tuesday Meeting
    Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year is in the process of being judged for 2012 and will probably be announced in March. 

    Struck by Lightning by Roger Russell and James Pappas
    Overcoat of Blue by Morri Hartgraves
    Critique Panel: Mike Hall and Buck Morgan

    Long time DSA member, James Pappas,  is Songwriter of the Year for most wins at the 2nd Tuesday meetings last year. See our Press Room for story.

    Congratulations go to Casey Graham, for the winning song, "Tears for Joanna." It was Casey's first song submitted to the 2nd Tuesday Critics. See our Press Room for story.

    Our judge was Zane Williams, the amazing singer/songwriter who brought a 2nd Tuesday program earlier this year. Zane somehow crammed in judging and commenting on our 2011 Critique Winners between gigging all around North Texas, trips to Nashville, starring spots on Troubadour, TX, and being a daddy and a husband and a human being. He got his comments back to us somewhere between Texas and Utah, where he is today.

    See the website for Zane's comments.

    To view past winners go to the Best Songs blog.
    To hear the winners go to our myspace page.
    Did you know that A and R reps from labels and music publishers are listening to our Myspace page each month?


    EVERY 3RD THURSDAY - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

    EVERY 1ST THURSDAY - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
    Sign up begins at 6:30
    Featured Artist at 8PM

     The Well Coffee Shop in downtown Royse City 
     Saturday Sept. 6 Performers - TBA

    TEXAS SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND at Sandstone Cellars Winery Showcase & Open Mic in Mason Texas.  
    HOURS 6-9PM 211 San Antonio Street, Mason, TX 76856
    Shows will be on the 3rd Thursday of each month starting in March.

    Guidelines for our stars @ Texas Songwriters in the Round shows:
    * All original set of 45 minutes
    * A professional commercially released CD with some airplay and press.

    We allow any songwriter to come be part of the TSR in the Round, with one star per month! If you'd like to come out and join in as a rounder I can make sure you have a place for the night! To Showcase contact: Jeri Alice
    Other area open mics OPEN MICS
    5. LYRIC CONTEST - Next deadline postmarked Dec. 31st FALL CONTEST or enter online.

    2012 SPRING WINNER(deadline was June 30th)


     He Was The Whole World to Me by Dana Young, Anthony, KS
     Just About Us by Mike Brandon, Joplin, MO
     Songs From Home by Matt Stemme, Castiac, CA
     Corner Bar by Bill Kapac, Williamstown, NJ 
    The Life We Know and Love by Roy Williams, Woodbridge, ONT, Canada
     So Many Dreams by Dana Young, Anthony, KS
     Salesman by Ryan Eichenwald, Dallas, Tx
     Under The Canopy by Mitchell Kopnick, Janesville, WI
     A Yard Full of Weeds by Dana Young, Anthony, KS 
    Nothing Changes Life Like Living by Bill Kapac, Williamstown, NJ

    SUMMER LYRIC CONTEST entries are being compiled and judged. Thanks for your entries.



    Next Lyric Contest Deadline is June 30th for Spring Lyric Contest
    Entry fee is $10
    Please see lyric contest webpage for details.

    6. MEMBER NEWS -
    Wanna get involved? Become a committee member. It's fun! Be apart of the inner workings or the DSA. We have a board position open. We're looking for a Treasurer.

    To view a list of the 2012 Officer and Directors and Committees go to this link:

    If you are not a DSA Member, you missed these tips sent out through our yahoo group:

    * Publisher looking for Childrens songs
    * Artists/Producers looking for original material for recording artists
    * Major Brand X (To be disclosed at a later time) Seeks Independent artist for music campaign.
    * Where to get your cd reviewed
    * Music related job listing
    * Film Licensing Co. seeking instrumental music
    * Cheap and free tickets - Free tickets to selected Winspear Opera House events.

    Lyricists are invited to co-write with music writers by submitting your lyric through the member yahoo group.


    WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Devin Hill, Wendy Tobias, Song Contest Winners new or renewing: Macy Medford,  Steve Chizmadia, Debra M. Gussin , Renee Safier, Chris Alvarado, Eric Colville, Glen Naylor, Lanny Sherwin, Keeton Coffman , Spencer Clark, Kevin Reardon, Daniel Sumber , Andy Taylor , Gavin Potter, Vanessa Padla, Diane Lekven, Belle Schneiderman, Robert Graham, Chris O'Neill, Chase Thompson, Nestor Cora, Philip Creamer, Gordon Lustig, Susie  McLean, Becky Wright

    THANK YOU FOR RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Bobby MontgomeryTrevor DahlenCasey Graham, Helene Cronin, Buz Craft, Madilyn Shaw, Holly Doubet, Julie Jean White, James Pappas, Andrew Boyer, Ross Smith, Morri Hartgraves, Robin Hughes, Will Brown, Kathryn Hallberg, Larry Dodge, Nancy Rynders

    TIME TO RENEW: The following members owe dues:

    EXPIRED IN APRIL: Suzi Moore, Jeremy Ellis, Joanna Endsley, Gary Morse, Daniel Anchondo, Loretta Dunnaway, Robert McHale, Margaret Cuddihee.
    EXPIRED IN MAY: Richard Ray Hunt, Annie Cornelius
    EXPIRED IN JUNE: Brandon Watson, Paul McNair, Mike Corbin, Keith Thompson, Tom Biles, Kyle Carey, Wyler Delray, Ruben Estevez, John Friday, Ruben Estevez, John Friday, Donna Lisa, Shane Martin, Christal Prout, Shosshana Sperling, John Visconti, Tara Priya, Janine Wilson, Steven Welp, Jan Osborne, Butch Schindel, Joe Daniel
    EXPIRED IN JULY: Brook Malouf, Lu Ann Dunley, Ken Luginbyhl, Ryan Galloway
    EXPIRED IN AUGUST: Joyce Sanders, Alexander Gorodiscas, Dixon Beasley.
    EXPIRED IN AUGUST: Jonathan Harrison, Bill Honker.
    PLEASE RENEW THIS MONTH: Morri Hartgraves, Charles Risinger, Liz Basse

    Member News : 
    Barbara McMillen's musical premieres in November
    Casey Graham's song named song of the year 2011
    James Pappas named Songwriters of 2011


    Renew your membership online,
    You'll find the link to the store on the panel to the right

    (Each month DSA hosts 3 workshops at our monthly meetings on the 1st Monday, 3rd Monday and 2nd Tuesday these are ongoing. see item 2 above.)

    Want to study songwriting but don't want to get out of your PJ's? Take a class online through a songwriting workshop yahoo group.

    8. EVENTS- Featuring local and worldwide events of the songwriting community including, seminars, conferences, and showcases.

    4 - 6 Durango Songwriters Expo, Broomfield Co
    4 -7 Filter Culture Collide, LA
    12 -14 ACL Fest, Austin 
    16 - 20 CMJ Marathon, NYC

    9 - 16 Give Me A Break, a Rock Musical at the Art Centre Theater

    29 - Jan 1: Way Alt West Fest at Big Sky Resort, Montana

    Go to the events page to view links to local and Texas venues.

    9. Featured Articles:
    PREZ SEZ: Tune in to DSA President, Roger Russell's, musings and DSA goings on.

    225 Years of Copyright in the US
    By Terry Hart -- On September 5, 1787, New Jersey Delegate David Brearly submitted the final language of the Copyright Clause to the members of the US Constitutional Convention...the first Copyright Act would not be signed into law until May 31, 1790. But it seems appropriate to mark this date as an important one in US copyright history.


    Creative Music Videos: Father Tiger, Super Stereo Surf & More
    By Clyde Smith -- Music videos using social media combined with mobile and web technologies continue to break new and entertaining ground. For a little fun I present three music videos beginning with Father Tiger's "Shell" which uses over 5000 images processed through Instagram.
    David Byrne Breaks Down How Music Works in New Book
    By Geeta Dayal -- David Byrne's impressive output over the past four decades reaches far beyond his work as a musician, most famously in Talking Heads and in numerous solo albums and his new wide-ranging tome, How Music Works, he finally tackles it head-on.
    As interesting, if not more so, Hip Hop / Rap has been around longer than the CD.]
    Rock On! The Compact Disc Turns 30
    By Heather Kelly -- On October 1, 1982, the first commercial compact disc, Billy Joel's 52nd Street, was released in Japan. In the 30 years since, hundreds of billions of CDs have been sold, Joel has stopped recording pop music and the music industry has moved on to the next hot medium.

    MUSIC BUSINESS - more articles posted on the new blog DSA Music Biz News

    How To Sell Your Music On iTunes - The Important Facts Some Leave Out
    By Shaun Letang -- iTunes is a platform to sell your music, NOT a marketing tool.
    Create Your Own Money Making Web Radio Station With Radionomy
    By Eliot Van Buskirk -- At first blush, you might think the world doesn't need a new online radio service - not when there are already so many of them, and they're already so good at what they do. That's what we thought too, until we delved into Radionomy's unique offering, which rolls out to United States users for the first time on Tuesday.

    Singer Andy William dead at 84
    By CBS News -- [Personal Note: For the past few years, I've had the pleasure of overseeing Andy's music publishing enterprise. He was warm, ingratiating, and always interested in the progress of his company. Although we all know how gifted Andy was as a vocalist, few know how grounded his talent was in solid musicianship. When I mentioned I was working with Andy to legendary composer, arranger Johnny Mandel, who, along with Dave Grusen and others, were staff arrangers on Andy's TV show in the 60's, he said, "Andy was one of the best musicians I ever worked with." Apparently, the arrangers used to love to try to throw Andy curves by coming up with the most complicated arrangements they could dream up for him to maneuver through. Andy would never fail to breeze through them as if he'd performed them for years. Of course, Andy's wonderful recordings will always be part of the soundtracks of our lives but we'll all be reminded of Andy, himself, year after year, when, like Bing Crosby's classic recording of "White Christmas," Andy's iconic rendition of "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" brightens our holiday seasons for eternity. I'll miss him. DK]

    Play Classical Music With Simple Gestures, as Inspired by Glenn Gould in 1969
    By Eliot Van Buskirk -- The Glenn Gould estate authorized the late performer's tacit endorsement of Piano Invention, a classical music-playing app released today for free in the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad. Who's Glenn Gould? Let me google that for you. Anyway, in 1969, good old Glenn Gould apparently had the idea that music would be created by gestures, rather than by playing individual notes on a piano. In 2012, he's starting to be right.

    I had the good fortune to get to know Andrew Hardin during my Montana visit. I love his music and wanted to share some with you. 
    Download MP3 files of Andrew Hardin's Music (Click on the link, and 'save target as' or 'save as'):
    From the Blue Acoustic CD: 'Puerto Penasco'
    From the Just Like This Train CD: 'In Caso Di Nebbia'.
    From the Coney Island Moon CD: 'Tina Louise'.

    Andrew's CD's: "Lounge" and "Blue Acoustic" and "Lost Pines" can be purchased at Village Records.

    Bob Paterno's blog Making Music Making Money

    Glossary of Terms Used in the Music Industry
    Compiled by Mario F. Gonzalez, Esq.


    Barbe McMillen's blog, The Craft of Songwriting

    Online Thesaurus and Rhyming Dictionary


    10. Song and Talent Contests
    See contest details at:
    Song, Lyric and Fiddle Contests

    A comprehensive list of Song Contests compliments of

    11. Songwriting Resources
    Links to websites about songwriting, performance, music industry.

    DSA Book Store - reviews, links, lists of recommended reading, and what's in the DSA Library.

    12. Archives of Past Programs and Activities


    Did you know???  DSA held two song contests for active military and the Cds of the winning songs, Songs From the Soul of Service Vols. 1 and 2 are available online at:

    Tribute to our fallen soldiers from DFW at our Podomatic site:
    You Know Me Tribute to Fallen
    Read the latest story about this years winners


    View past showcase performances and workshops on Crossroads Youtube.

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