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I hope this newsletter finds all of you with friends and family celebrating the holidays. I've really had a fun Christmas with lots of parties and friends. I'm looking forward to a roaring good 2020. Here's what's in store for January.
  We moved our Awards Banquet out of December to January.

DSA Song Contest Awards Dinner
Saturday, January 18, 6pm at Sons of Hermann Hall
AWARDS Presented for the Song Contest, Lyric Contest, Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. Semi-finalists Eddie Bowers,  Charles Carter, Robert Ehlert, Addison Havens, David Lewis, Bill Martin, Christopher Mills and Stephanie Sammons will be performing, as well as, young songwriters Jade Nichol and TK Brown, plus there may be others.

Please RSVP on the Facebook event page at
Tickets are $20 online pre-sale, $25 walk-up, $12 Children under 12.
                             Get tickets online and save:

I hope you will all come out to support our songwriters and see the new talent for this year.

I believe DSA had it's best ever Christmas party this year at The Neathery in McKinney. We brought instruments and sang carols and other songs and had a spread of vittles.  Here's a facebook post that shows a sampling of the fun - 
On The 12th Day Of Christmas We Got A Peaceful Easy Feeling @ DSA 2019 Xmas Party: Bill Martin, David Lewis, Alexis Tapp, Barbe McMillen, Dori/David Weaver, Dianne Dickson, Karol Brandenberger, Jessica Ewy, and others! ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ‘ The Neathery is a Bed and Breakfast and was a great event venue.  You may want to book an overnight stay in the future. . 

No meeting at Half Price Books on Thursday Jan 2. The meeting is to be combined with the Monday meetup group on Monday Jan 6.

Songwriting Class at Colin College - Spring Semester - starts January21 - enroll now
Songwriting I  - MUSC 1321 - S02
You can sign up on Monday night through continuing ed also for first time this year.
You can now enroll in a continuing education class and get into my Monday evening 6-8:45 Songwriting Class at Colin College. Yes, no transcript transfer, no shots. They will cross section the class if I have some CE enrollment. You will be in the class with regular students. It's not in the official CE catalog but you can get in by email to Allison Venuto subject Monday Night Songwriting Class through continuing education and ask about getting into the Monday Night Songwriting Class through continuing education.

We had a great sharing of songs again this month at the Monday Meetup on December 2nd. A number of members and visitors shared their songs, including host Harry Hewlett, Bill Martin, David Case, David Lewis, Thomas ?, and Yours Truly stopped by after my class let out.

We had a slim audience attending at the Opening Bell showcase on the 2nd Wednesday, Dec 12,  but a great line up of performers, including: Host Ireland, Stephen Houpt, Rickey Gene Wright, Stephen Venezuela, and yours truly, Barbe McMillen. Check out the facebook post to see performance videos. 

Attendance was up at Dunn Brothers for the Third Thursday Open Mic hosted by Harry Hewlett.
You can catch the videos of the performers live on the DSA facebook page videos.

Our attendance at Love and War was incredible. Over 50 people graced the audience. A good crowd and a great line up of performers including host Harry Hewlett, Allen Larson, Rickey Gene Wright, Rio King, Bill Martin, Michael Brandenberger, Craig Langford, and Johnny Cromer.  You can find videos on each of these performers from our showcases and open mics on our facebook page in videos.

* First Thursday Monthly Meeting, is on a Monday! combined with the Meetup
     No meeting at Half Price Books on Thursday Jan 2.
* Songwriter Meetup, 1st Monday, at Half Price Books on NWH in Dallas
* the 3rd Thursday Open Mic at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Addison hosted by Harry.
* the 2nd Wednesday Showcase at Opening Bell in South Side.
* the 4th Thursday Showcase at Love and War in Texas in Plano

Our LYRIC CONTEST has quarterly deadlines: March, June, September, December.
Winners from the Spring 2019 contest has been announced below.

ANNUAL SONG CONTEST closed on Sept 30th. Semifinalist were announced on November 7th. Winners to be announced at the Awards Banquet on January 18, 6PM, Sons of Hermann Hall.

YOUNG SONGWRITERS CONTEST - We have a new contest for youth 18 and under. Stay tuned for results.

DSA announces the songwriters and musicians that will be honored in 2020 Hall of Fame: John Denver, England Dan Seals, John Ford Coley, Steve Wiseberg, Janie Fricke, and Gregg Smith.

Check out the book review by Allan Larson of the Terry Jennings book about his father Waylon Jennings. Read it here: Anyone interested in doing a book or CD review, I will gladly post it. Please let us know what you are reading and listening to.

We still count on you for support with your membership and donations. But most of all we want you to take advantage of the educational opportunities and participate. 
There is still a chance to donate for the new year. Your generosity keeps our organization going. Just go to and click on the donation link. 

Thanks to Paul Zander, John Jaggers, Bobby Montgomery, David Lewis, Michael Brandenberger, Phillip Casteel, Alexis Tapp, Don Wall, Harry Hewlett, Kery Maddox, Ginger Stanoia, Kenneth Shoemaker, and Kristi Myers for their recent contributions to our fall fundraiser. Other contributors include Ireland, John Jaggers, Bill Kapac, Rio King, Mimi Balkey, Suzi Morse, and Jared LoStrato. Go to this link:

Thanks to Harry Hewlett you can view some of our open mics and guest speakers in a live stream on Facebook? See guest our guest speakers, and past Angela's showcases. Can't make it? Then tune into Facebook/dallassongwriters. Want to be on our facebook streams? Show up and perform.

WOW! Can you believe Christmas is around the corner. I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas.



DSA SONG CONTEST -  Winners to be announced at the Awards Dinner on January 18, 6PM at Sons of Hermann Hall, Dallas Tx.

AWARDS Presented for the Song Contest, Lyric Contest, Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. Semi-finalists performing. AWARDS Presented for the Song Contest, Lyric Contest, Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. Semi-finalists Eddie Bowers,  Charles Carter, Robert Ehlert, Addison Havens, David Lewis, Bill Martin, Christopher Mills and Stephanie Sammons will be performing, as well as, young songwriters Jade Nichol and TK Brown, plus there may be others.
Tickets are $20 online pre-sale, $25 walk-up, $12 Children under 12.

                             Get tickets online and save:

Scott Throne Cashes In On His Prize - as one of the grand prize winners of the 2018 DSA Song Contest. 

One of last years DSA international song contest winners was Scott Thorne. One of his prizes was 5 hours of studio time at JOMUSIK. He sent Joe a rough demo of "Daughter of a Gun.” When he heard the rough, Joe Milton said, "Very cool tune, with a nice twist."

Joe continues to explain, about the process of the final master,  "Scott was out of state, which meant no using him or his singer.  So with about 5 hours to work with, I listened to the tune and immediately heard upright bass, brush drums, and a kinda quasi bluegrassy feel. Did rhythm guitar first, then bass and drums. Decided on electric piano to fill it in-sounded really good and a little different. That took the most time-making that call. 

I could have sung it, but I really thought a girl should sing-called him and said for $100 bucks, we can do a female lead vocal, which he was fine with. Did vocals, a little harmony, and threw down some harmonica cause we have that in house, and a second guitar. So, instead of free, it cost $100.

Maybe he could have used his demo (I don’t believe that was ever his intention), but in roughly 6 hours, he got a good recording, a producer, and something ready to drop in whatever. Simple, cheap, but effective and competitive. I would have loved to put in another 10 hours with all live players and more stuff, but to my ear, this “Daughter of a Gun Done” sounds pretty damn good."

Joe concludes by saying, "Have a listen to the old and the new, and give a call, lets do some tunes."      Cash Prizes +

DSA is proud to announce that this years Grand Prize Casio Privia Keyboard is the new PX-S1000. This new electronic keyboard sounds and feels like a real piano and it is lighter weight than other keyboards with the same features. This “world’s slimmest digital piano” weighs in at just 24.7 pounds. The back panel includes a USB port, an audio (stereo mini-jack) port,  and two 1/4 inch outputs, (stereo and mono). The Privia PX-S1000 contains 18 different "bread and butter" sounds, including numerous acoustic pianos, Rhodes and Wurlitzer-type electric pianos, vibes, string patches, organs, harpsichord, and acoustic bass. You can also layer and split these sounds.

Every working pianist in a metropolitan area where space and portability are paramount should try Casio's Privia PX-S1000 for themselves. From its realistic piano sound and touch, to its extreme portability and modern connectivity it’s truly a marvel.

Read full review at Keyboard Magazine.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place 

wins recording time at 

Grand Prize winners receive:
($199.95 Value) 
Includes Artist Website, 1 Yr. Hosting

Category winners get cash prizes
Winners announced at our Awards Banquet.




- No Meeting at Half Price Books on Jan 2. Instead we are combining with the Monday Meetup group for our monthly meeting.

MONTHLY MEETING - Monday, Jan 6, 6:30

Guest Speaker is John Jaggers - Talks About A New Capo

Do you get frustrated when the capo gets in the way of your playing and sends your guitars out of tune? Have you thought: “There must be a better way?” A way that isn’t in the way of your hand when you’re making chords. So did John and his buddies who have come up with the better way. Join us as John shows us the better way with the Colorado Capo.

John is a DSA member who often performs at our showcases. Hear his music and learn about John here.

Critiques will follow:
As usual, for members we will also have song critiques by industry pros Barbe McMillen and Joe Milton.  Bring your song on a CD or email an MP3 to Harry Hewlett at, and also bring plenty of copies of the lyrics so the members can give comments as well.  You will also be entered in the DSA Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year contest. The cost is $10 per song.

Location: Half Price Books/Northwest Highway in Dallas
6:00 pm: Doors Open/Networking and visiting
7:00 pm: Program followed by song critiques for members only
Pay online for critique. or
Each song is entered into the Song of The Year and Songwriter of the Year Competition which is awarded at our December Awards Banquet. 

Thanks to Harry Hewlett we have a video of the Sept 6th 2018 meeting with Bruce ChannelBruce received an award from BMI for two million radio performances of Hey! Baby. His original record of Hey! Baby is featured in the hit movie, Dirty Dancing, and on the international sound track album, listed in BILLBOARD’s Pop Album for over three months with sales of over twelve + million units.

BEST SONGS of the Meeting -  2019

There is a comprehensive list on this website of all submitted. So if you need reminding, check it out. 

Winners announced at the Awards Dinner on Jan. 18, 6Pm Sons of Hermann Hall.
Love's Lonesome Blues by Ricky Gene Wright
A Woman's Smile by Ricky Gene Wright
He Looked Liked Waylon by Ricky Gene Wright
Millie From Oklahoma by Charles Carter and Joe Milton
Music Was A Miracle by Alexis Tapp
Santa Always Hits East Texas Last by Don Wall
Marie by Don Wall


Winners were announced at the Awards Dinner. 


1. A TIME FOR LOVE  Michael Brandenberger
Michael Brandenberger
2. THAT’S JUST WHAT I’LL DO Craig Langford

See the Best Songs of the Meeting and Songwriter of the Year 
Past Winners here:


DSA MEETUP - 1st Monday at Half Price Books - Monday, Jan 6, 7PM, hosted by Harry Hewlett 

DSA MONTHLY GUEST SPEAKER AND SONG CRITIQUES - combined with Monday Meetup on Jan 6 at  6:30pm - Half Price Books


January 8 - 12 at Holiday Inn Midtown for the 2020 Texas Songwriter Symposium!
Sign up NOW for the discounted Early Bird Registration and save yourself $125 off of the full registration price. Registration prices will go up on Monday, December 16th!

 16th Annual Songcrafting Seminar  in Nashville - January 24th - 26th, 2020

This amazing event is one of my favorite workshops of the year. At the seminar you'll have the opportunity to connect with other songwriters and learn from some of the best and brightest folks in the music biz. It's a great weekend of music, learning, and fun. You will hopefully leave more inspired about your writing than ever! Note: We just added Tony Arata and Lance Carpenter to the round at Douglas Corner on Friday night.

This unique and intimate gathering features two full days of lectures, workshops, critiques, performances, and a performance presentation that will totally change the way you look at performing. I have prepared several new talks for this years seminar. To learn more about possible topics to be covered, click here

Workshops run from 9:00-4:30 Saturday and Sunday at the Bluebird Cafe, with a break for lunch from noon to 1pm. (There are numerous restaurants nearby.) The Bluebird is set up with a nice sound system and has natural light streaming in during the day. 

Songwriting Class at Collin College - Spring Semester - starts January21 - enroll now

You can now enroll in a continuing education class and get into my Monday evening 6-8:45 Songwriting Class at Colin College. Yes, no transcript transfer, no shots. They will cross section the class if I have some CE enrollment. You will be in the class with regular students. It's not in the official CE catalog but you can get in by email to Allison Venuto subject Monday Night Songwriting Class through continuing education and ask about getting into the Monday Night Songwriting Class through continuing education.

You can follow along with my Collin College Songwriting Class in an online 10 week workshop. 


Looper Workshop at Sam Ash





Host takes 1st time slot 7-7:30 to start show and warm up stage.

During 6-month period, each qualified DSA performer gets at least 1 prime time 30 min slot - 7:30, 8:00, or 8:30 at Opening Bell (2nd Wed) or Love and War (4th Thur), not both. To qualify, must be current DSA member, have 1/2 hour of original songs, and be proven solo performer - no tracks, band, or complicated gear. [Note: 2 back-to-back acts can share stage for 1 hr, if arranged for in advance. ]

Each show ends with Open mic 9-10:00, signup at door, 1-3 original songs. DSA members, only.

Rotation of performers (assignment of time slots) starts again every 6 months.

Opening Bell - 2nd Wednesday, 7-10 - guest host each month

 Love and War - 4th Thursday, 7-10 - guest host each month - 

Deep Ellum Arts Festival dual stages this April at Sons of Hermann Hall and DSA Street Stage at Malcom X and Main.

City Line Wildflower Stage in May

City Line - Saturday June 6, 6-9.

State Fair Stage in Oct 2020


EVERY 1ST MONDAY - 7:00pm to 9:00pm hosted by Harry Hewlett
Open mic has changed to an old fashion guitar pull and group discussion about creation to biz. Bring your guitar or pull one from Harry. Play your recorded songs from your phone. 
If you want peer feedback on a song bring a few lyric sheets

EVERY 3RD THURSDAY - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Hosted by  Harry Hewlett
In November 2018, DSA is celebrated 14 years at Dunn Brothers. Check out our facebook page for performance videos

see review of
11th Anniversary DSA 3rd Thursday Open Mic at Dunn Bros.

Renew your membership online.
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EVENTS - Featuring local and worldwide events of the songwriting community including, seminars, conferences, and showcases. A List of DSA events only can be found at


4 - DSA Board Planning Meeting 
2  - DSA Monthly Meeting and Song Critiques MOVED to the 6th
6 - DSA Monthly Meeting and Song Critiques at Half Price Books
8 - DSA Showcase at Opening Bell
8 - 12 Texas Songwriters Symposium -
16 - DSA Open Mic at Dunn Brothers
18 - DSA Awards Dinner 
23 - DSA Showcase at Love N War

See Texas Music Office events calendar
Moses Avalon's List of Top Ranked Music Conferences.
See house concerts and coffee houses here:
Local Blues events:
Local Jazz events:


- Next deadline FALL CONTEST postmarked Dec 31st
Enter online 

or by mail

Dallas Songwriters Lyric Contest,
Sammons Center For The Arts
3630 Harry Hines Blvd #20 Dallas, Tx 75219

SUMMER 2019 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED - There were 39 entries
The Miracle Man by Mike P Ryan, Fairfax, Va
Fishnet Hose by Mimi Balkey, Plano, Tx
Marie by Don Wall, Dallas, Tx
Free Piano by Bill Kapac, Wildwood, NJ
Seaside Serenade by Bill Kapac, Wildwood, NJ


     First Place: She’s So Mysterious by Mimi Balkey, Plano, Tx

We had a tie between Ireland and Harri Wolf

We've awarded Michael Roth the contest winner.

THE 2018 SUMMER WINNER IS .........

2018 Spring Winners:

2018 Winter Comments are posted here:


Next Lyric Contest Deadline is June 30th for Spring Lyric Contest
Entry fee is $10
Please see lyric contest webpage for details.




2017 FALL WINNERS ARE.........


Wanna get involved? Become a committee member. It's fun! Be apart of the inner workings of the DSA. We have committee positions open. Let us know if you'd like to be on the board. Just show up a our membership meeting.

2020 Directors elected at our Nov 4 2019 Annual Membership Meeting were:
Michael Brandenberger, Bobby Montgomery, Phillip Casteel, Barbe McMillen, Ben Halim, Joe Milton, Rene Sullivan, Ken Duren, Jessica Ewy, Alexis Tapp, Harry Hewlett, Buck Morgan, Jack Allday, Don Wall and Ricky Gene Wright. New 2020 officers will be elected at the planning meeting on Jan 4th.

Officers 2019 
Michael Brandenberger - Prez
Bobby Montgomery - VP Programs
Phil Casteel - Treasurer
Jessica Ewy - Secretary
Alexis Tapp - Lyric Contest Director
Renee Sullivan, VP Membership
Barbe McMillen - Administration, Newsletter
Harry Hewlett - A/R
Ben Halim - Tech Director
Rickey Gene Wright - Showcase Co-Director,
Buck Morgan - PR Communications
James Pappas, Joe Milton, Ken Duren, Jack Allday - At Large

If you are not a DSA Member, you missed these tips sent out through our yahoo group:
* Publisher looking for songs
* Artists/Producers looking for original material for recording artists
* Major Brand X (To be disclosed at a later time) Seeks Independent artist for music campaign.
* Where to get your cd reviewed
* Music related job listing
* Film Licensing Co. seeking instrumental music
* Cheap and free tickets - Free tickets to selected Winspear Opera House events.

Lyricists are invited to co-write with music writers by submitting your lyric through the member yahoo group.

NEWS: Brook Malouf has written a song with Andrew Scot Wills that was cut by Noe Palma. Here's the video release.

Joe Milton has turned out yet another children's musical,  Open Heart Musicals new show, “More Power to You”,  their fifth musical,( and two books) for Choristers Guild. These are Christian Youth musicals.  This tune is called Joshua, is from the new show. It's kind of a jazzy thing about bringing down the great wall. Have a listen!

DSA friend Helene Cronin, former song contest winner and Song of the Year winner has released her new album, Ghosts and Lost Causes.

Stephen Houpt recently released his new album, Light On The Mountain.

Bobby Montgomery now has physical CDs in hand from his album, All My Forevers, newly released last summer on CD Baby with the help of Harry Hewlett. The songs were recorded and mastered with the help of Joe Milton of JoMusik and includes a collaboration with Barbara McMillen.

DSA Member, Brook Malouf is celebrating a cut with Maddie Wilson called RIP. You can check out the song here: RIP. 

NEW MEMBERS: Have you joined our member only yahoo group where you can talk with the group and get special offers and last minute updates on events? subscribe:


Patron Sponsor L3: Michael Brandenberger, Bill Honker, John Stone, David Lewis
Patron Sponsor L1: Cliff Monroe, Suzi Morse, Rio King, Ginger Stanoio
Patron Sponsor: Mimi Balkey, Kristi Myers

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: William Wheeler, TK Brown, Bill Sibley, David Case, Phillip Ward, Susan Hanlon, Mattie Ager, William Grant, Natasha Blanton, Leah Mesiah, Jeff Groce, Mary Logan, Hugh Lehman, Robert Ehlert, Bill Martin, Nichol Daniels, Jana Stanfield, Amanda Banks, Pamela Musgrove, Beau McDermott, Christopher Kuhn, Jade Nichol, Stephanie Sammons, Mathew Carroll, Ainsley Lornds, Ben Halim, Keith A Dodson, Julie and Jeff Carter, Steven Lowden, Ted Vahovius, David Lewis, Anna Xiong, Jane Fallon, Caera Thornton, Robert Long, Michael Richards, Teresa Ann Turner, Katie Dundas

THANK YOU FOR RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP: David Lewis, Bernard Groll, Andrew Plan, Allen Larson, Joanna Endsley, Cat McGee, David Banning, Brook Malouf, Alexis Tapp, Gigi Gostas, Anthony Groom, Ken Duren, Randy Overton, Carol Shaw, Lance French, Dori Weaver,Rob Case, Steve Ledford, Ryan Mahoney, Raquel Linderman, John Nelson, Ron Young, James Pappas, Jacquelyn Schwartz, Aaron Shook, Gene Schillaci, James Foster, Stephen Valenzuela, Johnny Cromer, Terry Bloss, Don Wall, David Clearr, Phil Casteel, Ryan Galloway, Rick Babb, Ken Golden

TIME TO RENEW: The following members owe dues:


EXPIRED IN JAN: Jeff Moxcey, Joseph Lopez, Mitch Horner, Shanna Stallworth, Ross Miller, Jane Fallon, Yulia Petrova, Deb Weedekind, Lucia Commes, Bernard Groll
EXPIRED IN FEB: Melanie Stever, Tim Sharp

EXPIRED IN MARCH: Melissa Standifird
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EXPIRED IN MAY: Alejandro Dominguez, Steve Brown
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EXPIRED IN JULY: Mary Guthrie, Haley McDaniel

EXPIRED IN AUG:Michael Richards, Trevor Dahlen
EXPIRED IN SEPT: Katie Dundas, Teresa Ann Turner, Jane Fallon, Cara Thornton, Ken Golden,  Stephen Houpt, Scott Mendenhall, John Mason
EXPIRED IN OCT: Nitanie Paris
EXPIRED IN NOV: Ryan Galloway, Anna Xiong

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John Denver- Greatest Hits

England Dan - John Ford Coley


In December 2019 former song contest winner and DSA member Rachael Sage has just released two separate videos by award-winning filmmakers for her current single “Bravery’s On Fire”, which benefits Women’s Cancer Research. The universal anthem about finding strength in resilience will also appear on her forthcoming album "Character", due for release March 6th on MPress/ILS/Universal. View and share the US version here, and the UK version here.

We have a new book review by Allan Larson of the Terry Jennings book about his father Waylon Jennings. Read it here:

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Barbe McMillen's blog, The Craft of Songwriting

Online Thesaurus and Rhyming Dictionary

Great web tool for lyric writing

Music Theory Resource