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Songwriters Notes E-News #129 March 2012

Hello Songwriter,

Yes, it's time to wear green. I believe spring is here and with spring comes the festivals. SXSW in mid March, St Patty's Day, Deep Ellum Festival, Dallas Guitar Show, and Wildflower Festival just to name a few. See events #8 below for details.

Our song contest opened Feb 1 and has the smallest fee among all the contests. Only $20 to enter. It's a small but prestigious contest with chances to win in each category. Check it out here.

At the 2nd Tuesday meeting our guest speakers will be Carly Simon and her son, Ben Taylor. See details below in #2.

Our other regular DSA monthly events remain the same, 1st and 3rd Monday SongSwaps and 3rd Thursday Open Mic. For details, see #2 and #4 below.

OH BTW, I had a blast at Folk Alliance. You should think about going next year. It will be in Canada.

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QUICK LOOK CALENDAR OF DSA MONTHLY EVENTS - put this in your bookmark.


        2012 Dallas Songwriters Song Contest kicks off Feb 1st

Now in its 22nd year, The DSA 2011 Song Contest is one of the longest running international song contests for amateur songwriters. Offering over $5,000 in cash and prizes this year, the DSA has EIGHT categories in all. See Contest Rules for eligibility. Accepting Submissions 2/1/2012 through 5/14/2012. Pick your category and enter today! 
  • Country
  • Pop/Rock/RandB/Alternative
  • Americana/Folk/Bluegrass
  • Christian/Inspirational
  • Love Songs/Easy Listening
  • Children's/Novelty
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Instrumental

Click here for more info about this contest, and for more information about joining DSA (membership not required to enter contest).Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions. 

2001 - 2007 Winners Compilation CDs available at the DSA store

All winning songs are on a CD Compilation that was given out at the Awards Ceremony. To get any 3 double CD's simply make a quarter note donation to DSA through our online store and send us an email to request which 3 years of Cd's you want us to mail you.


2nd Tuesday Meeting, March 13, 
Guest Speakers: Carly Simon and Ben Taylor 

Winner of 4 grammy awards and an Oscar, Simon is the quintessential singer songwriter with a career that spans 5 decades.
Critically acclaimed touring singer songwriter, Taylor, represents a new generation of hard working performers with 4 albums and 3 EPs under his belt. 

Future Programs:
APRIL: Zane  Williams
MAY: Bret Dillion, KHYI DJ  tentative
NEW shirts: $15 at the meeting (you must ask me for the special) or online by mail $20
OLD shirts: $10 at the meeting (you must ask me for the special) or online by mail $15
MONDAY SONG SWAPS for peer critique
Song Swap Workshops
Monthly 7:30-10 PM
Free, Visitors Welcome
Where songwriters perform their songs for peer review. Bring your guitar and a few lyric sheets. This is like an old fashioned guitar pull with comments between songs.

FIRST MONDAY in East Dallas
Half Price Books, 5803 E Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75231-6519 (214) 379-8000
Roger Russell, Jame Pappas coordinating.
We'll be in the Community Room at the back left in the building.

Tino's at Collin Creek Mall- Steve Sullivan, coordinator.
Tinos Mexican Restaurant Collin Creek Mall, Plano, Tx 

3. BEST SONGS of the 2nd Tuesday Meeting
Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year is in the process of being judged for 2012 and will probably be announced in March. 

Crazy Heart by James Pappas
Kiss Me and Make Me Better by Nancy Rynders
Critique Panel: Barry Devorzan and Bobby Monygomery

To view past winners go to the Best Songs blog.
To hear the winners go to our myspace page.
Did you know that A and R reps from labels and music publishers are listening to our Myspace page each month?


EVERY 3RD THURSDAY - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

TEXAS SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND at Sandstone Cellars Winery Showcase & Open Mic in Mason Texas.  
HOURS 6-9PM 211 San Antonio Street, Mason, TX 76856
Our season opener is on St. Patricks Day and shows will be on the 3rd Thursday of each month starting in March.

Guidelines for our stars @ Texas Songwriters in the Round shows:
* All original set of 45 minutes
* A professional commercially released CD with some airplay and press.

We allow any songwriter to come be part of the TSR in the Round, with one star per month! If you'd like to come out and join in as a rounder I can make sure you have a place for the night! To Showcase contact: Jeri Alice
Other area open mics OPEN MICS
5. LYRIC CONTEST - Next deadline postmarked March 3!st WINTER CONTEST or enter online.


We'll Go Away As Friends by Bill Kapac, Williamstown, NJ
Shadows on the Wall by George Puccini, Las Vegas, NV
Body Surfing by Larry Dodge, Dallas, Tx
In A Heartbeat by Dana Young, Anthony, KS
All of You by Jenifer Christmas, Arverne, NY

Don't Play That Song by Dana Young, Anthony, KS

My Momma, (She Really Loved To Dance) by Fremont Ashton, 

                                                                   Englewood, FL

I was Only Trying to Help Her Make Up My Mind by Bill Kapac,

                                                                 Williamstown, NJ

The Homecoming Dance by Lisa Simmons, Lewisville, Tx
Jesus Rides this Freight Train With Me by Tony McCall, Brisbane, 
Fade by Ryan Eichenwaid, Dallas, Tx 


Next Lyric Contest Deadline is June 30th, 2010 for Spring Lyric Contest
Entry fee is $10
Please see lyric contest webpage for details.

Wanna get involved? Become a committee member. It's fun!
To view a list of the 2012 Officer and Directors and Committees go to this link:

If you are not a DSA Member, you missed these tips sent out through our yahoo group:

* Publisher looking for Childrens songs
* Artists/Producers looking for original material for recording artists
* Major Brand X (To be disclosed at a later time) Seeks Independent artist for music campaign.
* Where to get your cd reviewed
* Music related job listing
* Film Licensing Co. seeking instrumental music
* Cheap and free tickets - Free tickets to selected Winspear Opera House events.

Lyricists are invited to co-write with music writers by submitting your lyric through the member yahoo group.


WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Brian Coker, Corey Anderson, Terry Boss, Matt Boggs, Craig Crafton, Mark Sanders.

THANK YOU FOR RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP: Julie Jean White, James Pappas, Andrew Boyer, Ross Smith, Morri Hartgraves, Robin Hughes, Will Brown, Kathryn Hallberg, Larry Dodge, Nancy Rynders

TIME TO RENEW: The following members owe dues:

EXPIRED IN DEC: Toni Scott, Michael Brandenberger, Robin Hughes, Jason Winford
EXPIRED IN JAN: Steve Erickson, Alex Flores, Thomas Cavazos, Guy Rourk
EXPIRED IN FEB: Lisa Simmons, Jonathan Sargent, Trevor Dahlen, Tamara McGuchen, Wyler Delray, Raquel Sanchez Lomon.
PLEASE RENEW THIS MONTH: James Talavera, Katie Parr, Casundra Chambers DarKing, Chester May, Liza Mesiah, Coy Portier, Paul Cataldi, Minnie Murray, George Puccini


Renew your membership online,
You'll find the link to the store on the panel to the right
(Each month DSA hosts 3 workshops at our monthly meetings on the 1st Monday, 3rd Monday and 2nd Tuesday these are ongoing. see item 2 above.)

Beth Nielson Chapman is back giving a workshop at the Wildflower Festival.

Want to study songwriting but don't want to get out of your PJ's? Take a class online through a songwriting workshop yahoo group.

8. EVENTS- Featuring local and worldwide events of the songwriting community including, seminars, conferences, and showcases.
14 - 18  SXSW Music Fest, Austin, TX
21-25 Canadian Music Week, Toronto, CAN

6-8 Deep Ellum Fest ( DSA will sponsor the Performing Songwriter Stage)
28-29 Indie Fest

18-20 Wildflower Festival

Go to the events page to view links to local and Texas venues.

9. Featured Articles:
PREZ SEZ: Tune in to DSA President, Roger Russell's, musings and DSA goings on.

Steve Purdham: 'Music Is So Powerful a Song Can Chemically Change People'
By Josh Halliday -- "Music is so powerful that just taking an individual song does chemically change people," he says. "That's what DJing showed me: if you listen to the emotion of the audience, you can change their state. What I do now is let people listen to music in a way that can affect their lives."
Songwriters Hall of Fame Announces 2012 Inductees
Press release -- Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Seger, Don Schlitz, Harvey Schmidt & Tom Jones and Jim Steinman to be Inducted June 14th in NYC. "Each of our 2012 inductees has created a unique range of extraordinary contributions, a body of work that has resonated with audiences around the world, and greatly enriched our global culture," said SHOF Chairman Jimmy Webb. "We are looking forward to celebrating their craft and careers at our Annual Awards Gala."

As the "Simpsons" whizzes past its 500th episode ...
"Simpsons" Maestro Alf Clausen Shares Stories Behind Some of Springfield's Greatest Hits
By Stacey Harrison -- [Congrats to our good friend, Alf.]

Facebook Reveals Most Popular Songs for New Loves and Breakups
By Eliot Van Buskirk -- For some, a relationship doesn't officially start until it's reflected in the Relationship field on Facebook, and it's not really over until Facebook says it is. The data team at Facebook can see this data for hundreds of millions of people...Here are the complete lists of the most popular music amongst the freshly lovestruck or lovelorn.


MUSIC BUSINESS - more articles posted on the new blog DSA Music Biz News

Amazon Hiring Creative Execs for Original Programming
By Ryan Lawler -- Add Amazon to the list of online video providers that could soon release some new original programming. The company is looking to hire creative executives to develop and produce original comedies and kids shows for online and traditional distribution.
11 Top Ways To Create Compelling Music Video Content
By Bob Baker and Kendra Wright -- Every artist should be using online video as part of their promotional toolkit...Why? Because video allows you to connect with fans and potential fans in ways that other forms of media can't touch.
Money Basics for Musicians, Songwriters, Singers and Artists
By Steve Grossman -- Since money buys things like food and shelter (not to mention equipment and clothing) and I therefore recommend you know how to use it, I offer you some basic money terms and insights...
The Science Of Email Timing
By Bobby Owsinski -- Your email list is one of the most powerful marketing tools that an artist or band (or a business or brand) can have. Recently some data courtesy of Dan Zarrella and Pure360 has shown that there is a definite science behind the timing of sending your emails, just as there is for posting on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some tips and tricks for getting your email timing just right.


Whitney Houston, Global Music Icon, Dies at 48
On February 11, 2011, the music industry lost one of its greatest and most powerful voices. An ASCAP member and an extraordinary force in music, we look back on Whitney Houston's legacy.

Mike Melvoin Dies at 74; Studio Musician, Composer
By Don Heckman -- Mike Melvoin, a pianist/composer/arranger whose credits reach from Stan Getz and Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson and the Beach Boys, and who was the first active musician to serve as national president of the Recording Academy, has died. He was 74. As a busy studio musician for a good part of his career, Melvoin was always quick to defend the skills and the versatility of the players who performed, as he did, on recordings, films, television shows and beyond, bringing life to every style and genre of music.
Monkees' Heartthrob Davy Jones Dies in Fla.
By John Rogers -- Before there was MTV, before "American Idol" made overnight stars of people you never heard of, there was "The Monkees," a band fronted by a diminutive singer named Davy Jones who was so boyishly good looking that teenage girls swooned the first time they ever saw him.


Original music from Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker & Yim Yames set to lyrics by Woody Guthrie.

CLICK HERE to listen to full album

Bob Paterno's blog Making Music Making Money

Glossary of Terms Used in the Music Industry
Compiled by Mario F. Gonzalez, Esq.


What's The Quickest Way To Kill A Song?
By Songtrust -- Although songs unfold and progress so naturally to us as listeners, the process of songwriting itself can be a difficult beast to tame. There are many mistakes, ranging from minute to catastrophic, that songwriters can make throughout the songwriting process that can damage the overall quality of a song.

Barbe McMillen's blog, The Craft of Songwriting

Online Thesaurus and Rhyming Dictionary

10. Song and Talent Contests
See contest details at:
Song, Lyric and Fiddle Contests

• Dallas Songwriters Song Contest kicks off Feb 1 and runs through May 14th.
• B.W. Stevenson Contest deadline in March

A comprehensive list of Song Contests compliments of

11. Songwriting Resources
Links to websites about songwriting, performance, music industry.

DSA Book Store - reviews, links, lists of recommended reading, and what's in the DSA Library.

12. Archives of Past Programs and Activities


Did you know???  DSA held two song contests for active military and the Cds of the winning songs, Songs From the Soul of Service Vols. 1 and 2 are available online at:

Tribute to our fallen soldiers from DFW at our Podomatic site:
You Know Me Tribute to Fallen
Read the latest story about this years winners


View past showcase performances and workshops on Crossroads Youtube.