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DSA E-News #126 December 2011

Hello Songwriter,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My family decided to do something different and go on a cruise. Fun! Seven days from New Orleans to Cosumel, Belize, Roatan, and Costa Maya. Highlight for me was an hour bus ride into the Belizian interior, then a 30 minute boat ride up a river to Lamanai Mayan Ruins. I plan to post photos on facebook when I get a minute.

Christmas, Christmas time is here, time for joy and time for cheer -  the 2nd Tuesday meeting is our Christmas Party at the Loft on December 13th. Please RSVP and bring a spouse or friend. Our entertainment will be your fellow songwriters competing in the Chevy Contest for a Taylor Guitar. See item 9 below or go to www.ChevySonicSounds.com

Our other regular DSA monthly events remain the same, 1st and 3rd Monday SongSwaps and 3rd Thursday Open Mic. For details, see below.

Our new t-shirts debuted at the TIME. Get one at the Christmas party. They look great on and also could be a cool gift.

Not a DSA member? Then you've missed the musings via our member yahoo group of our DSA Prez, Buck Morgan. Catch up with what's going on here: http://dsaprezsez.blogspot.com/

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QUICK LOOK CALENDAR OF DSA MONTHLY EVENTS - put this in your bookmark.


See Grand Prize Judge, Roy Elkins, comments and listen to the winning songs.

DSA Announces Grand Prize Winners of 22nd Annual Contest


Wyler Delray won the drawing for the ipod.

See the press release on the 2009-10 song contest winners:

Get a hard copy of the April issue of Songwriters Notes with a list of winners and read about grand prize winner, Lanny Sherwin.

See the winners, be sure to scroll to the bottom for Roy Elkins comments on the cream of the crop.

Semifinalists were posted on the song contest website on March 15th.

Mimi Balkey won the drawing for the ipod.


Here 2008 winning songs in a series of three podcasts at:

2001 - 2007 Winners Compilation CDs available at the DSA store

All winning songs are on a CD Compilation that was given out at the Awards Ceremony. To get any 3 double CD's simply make a quarter note donation to DSA through our online store and send us an email to request which 3 years of Cd's you want us to mail you.


Tuesday, Dec. 13 
DSA Christmas Party - Food, Music and Friends!

Please RSVP
see more on meeting website.

Future Programs:
JAN 2012: What's in a Good Lyric, Lyric Contest Director, Nancy Rynders
FEB: Barry Devorzen, Master Writer, Nadia's Theme, tentative
MARCH: Ben Taylor, tentative
APRIL: Zane  Williams
MAY: Bret Dillion, KHYI DJ  tentative
NEW shirts: $15 at the meeting (you must ask me for the special) or online by mail $20
OLD shirts: $10 at the meeting (you must ask me for the special) or online by mail $15
MONDAY SONG SWAPS for peer critique
Song Swap Workshops
Monthly 7:30-10 PM
Free, Visitors Welcome
Where songwriters perform their songs for peer review. Bring your guitar and a few lyric sheets. This is like an old fashioned guitar pull with comments between songs.

FIRST MONDAY in East Dallas
Half Price Books, 5803 E Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75231-6519 (214) 379-8000
Roger Russell, Jame Pappas coordinating.
We'll be in the Community Room at the back left in the building.

Tino's at Collin Creek Mall- Steve Sullivan, coordinator.
Tinos Mexican Restaurant Collin Creek Mall, Plano, Tx 

EVERY 3RD THURSDAY - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

TEXAS SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND at Sandstone Cellars Winery Showcase & Open Mic in Mason Texas.  
HOURS 6-9PM 211 San Antonio Street, Mason, TX 76856
Our season opener is on St. Patricks Day and shows will be on the 3rd Thursday of each month starting in March.

Guidelines for our stars @ Texas Songwriters in the Round shows:
* All original set of 45 minutes
* A professional commercially released CD with some airplay and press.

We allow any songwriter to come be part of the TSR in the Round, with one star per month! If you'd like to come out and join in as a rounder I can make sure you have a place for the night! To Showcase contact: Jeri Alice
Other area open mics OPEN MICS
4. LYRIC CONTEST - Next deadline postmarked September 30th SUMMER CONTEST or enter online.


A Place Where I Keep My Heart by Dana Young, Anthony, KS
Is It Deal or No Deal  by Dana Young
She Doesn't Know My Heart Breaks by Mario Spinosi, Eynon, PA
Why Can't You Leave Me Alone by Dana Young
First Place

A Place Where I Keep My Heart by Dana Young


Next Lyric Contest Deadline is June 30th, 2010 for Spring Lyric Contest
Entry fee is $10
Please see lyric contest webpage for details.

April 2010 Hardcopy issue of Songwriters Notes has Summer and Fall 2009 winners posted.

October 2009 Hardcopy issue of Songwriters Notes has Fall 2008 & winter/spring 2009 Lyric contest winning songs listed:
The 2012 Board of Directors will be elected at our annual membership meeting on Nov. 8.

Wanna get involved? Become a committee member. It's fun!
To view a list of the 2011 Officer and Directors and Committees go to this link:

If you are not a DSA Member, you missed these tips sent out through our yahoo group:

* Publisher looking for Childrens songs
* Artists/Producers looking for original material for recording artists
* Major Brand X (To be disclosed at a later time) Seeks Independent artist for music campaign.
* Where to get your cd reviewed
* Music related job listing
* Film Licensing Co. seeking instrumental music
* Cheap and free tickets - Free tickets to selected Winspear Opera House events.

Lyricists are invited to co-write with music writers by submitting your lyric through the member yahoo group.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Mark Sanders, Greg Waits, Elizabeth BasseJR Byrd

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JUNE:Jan Oaborne, Butch Schindel, Brent Benton, Molly Bush, Prudence Gilmore, Karon Hi, Keven Mountcastle, Tim Schramm, and Tracie Merchant.
JULY: Elaine Gardner-Morales, CB Luce, Jetta Morris
AUGUST: Evan Krause, Dixon Beasley, Andrew Boyer, Scott Fant
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OCTOBER: Louie Cate, Morri Hartgrave, Steve Wilson
NOVEMBER: Donna Scoggins, Mimi Balkey, Lisa Byrn, David Byboth, Shelby Cook, Kathryn Hallberg, Julie Jean White.
PLEASE RENEW THIS MONTH: Jeri Arsenault, Toni Scott, Michael Brandenberger, Larry Dodge, Robin Hughes, Jason Winford

Renew your membership online,
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News About Our Members

Song contest winner from a couple of years back, Mark Wayne Glassmire, has released a new album, more at http://www.musicnewsnashville.com/mark-wayne-glasmire-new-ep-january-10
(Each month DSA hosts 3 workshops at our monthly meetings on the 1st Monday, 3rd Monday and 2nd Tuesday. see item 2 above.)

7. EVENTS- Featuring local and worldwide events of the songwriting community including, seminars, conferences, and showcases.

7 DeliRadio.com Webinar
7-11 Aspen Live Music Conference, Aspen, CO
13  Dallas Songwriters Christmas Party and Chevy Performing Songwriter Contest Finals at the Loft
5 - 8 ASG Songwriter Symposium, Austin TX
28-31  MIDEM, Cannes, FR 
2-3 Nashville Recording Workshop
16-19  Mellennium Music Conference, Harrisburg, PA
22-26  Folk Alliance, Memphis, TN
14 - 18  SXSW Music Fest, Austin, TX

28-29 Indie Fest

Go to the events page to view links to local and Texas venues.

8. Featured Articles:
PREZ SEZ: Tune in to DSA President, Buck Morgan's, musings and DSA goings on.

200 Years of Dance Music Evolution, In 20 Seconds or Less...
By Paul Resnikoff -- Looks like the electronica boom has been brewing for a few centuries, at least. ... Just click the image (in the article) to see it in motion...
[I love this kind of stuff.]
Bruce & The Red-Headed Stranger
By Dan Beck -- (The story of) one of the pivotal and most critically acclaimed albums in country music history, made possible by an artist, and a record company executive, willing to buck the opinions of other 'experts'. [Thanks to J Fred Knobloch for the link.]

Troubadour, TX one-hour, high definition episodes air on the CW network in most markets. Twenty-two episodes are currently in production for season one of “Troubadour, TX,” and past episodes will be available for viewing at TroubadourTX.com. A complete list of markets and air times is availablehere and on the “Troubadour, TX” TV Facebook fan page

MUSIC BUSINESS - more articles posted on the new blog DSA Music Biz News

Cashing In on Your Hit YouTube Video
By Claire Cain Miller -- Creating a video that attracts millions of viewers and becomes a pop culture phenomenon involves an unpredictable cocktail of luck and timing. A dash of cute babies or people acting like idiots can only help. But once a video goes viral, making some cold cash depends on quick action. Here is some advice on how to take advantage of your 15 minutes of Internet fame from people who did just that.
Score a Score: Hooking Up Composers With Gigs in the Digital Era
By Alex Pham -- Musicians who have struggled in vain to break out will probably be able to relate to Jordan Passman's darkest hours in New York City two years ago. Jobless and fresh out of college, Passman (yes, related to THAT Passman) was in bed, unable to sleep as his mind feverishly questioned what the heck he was going to do with his life. And then it hit him. He had an idea for a website that would match composers with paying gigs from advertising firms, independent film producers and game developers -– anybody who wanted to buy a snippet of music for their projects. He even knew what to call it: scoreAscore.
Bob Paterno's blog Making Music Making Money

Glossary of Terms Used in the Music Industry
Compiled by Mario F. Gonzalez, Esq.


Barbe McMillen's blog, The Craft of Songwriting

The Importance of Mind-Wandering
By Jonah Lehrer -- It's easy to underestimate boredom. The mental condition, after all, is defined by its lack of stimulation; it's the mind at its most apathetic. However, boredom and its synonyms can also become a crucial tool of creativity. "Boredom is your window," the poet declared. "Once this window opens, don't try to shut it; on the contrary, throw it wide open."
Need to Create? Get a Constraint
By Jonah Lehrer -- One of the many paradoxes of human creativity is that it seems to benefit from constraints. Although we imagine the imagination as requiring total freedom, the reality of the creative process is that it's often entangled with strict conventions and formal requirements. Pop songs have choruses and refrains; symphonies have four movements; plays have five acts; painters still rely on the tropes of portraiture. Perhaps the best example of this phenomenon is poetry....

Online Thesaurus and Rhyming Dictionary

9. Song and Talent Contests
See contest details at:
Song, Lyric and Fiddle Contests

*** Finals, Dec 13th at the Loft ***
Chevy Says, “Leave Your Amp at Home”
For DFW Singer-Songwriter Competition
Chevy Sonic Sounds music competition offers chance to perform live
and win a Taylor acoustic/electric guitar

DEADLINE NOVEMBER 23, 2011—Dallas-Fort Worth-area singer-songwriters looking for a change of scenery away from coffee shops and wine bars: listen up! Chevrolet today announced the launch of its Sonic Sounds acoustic music competition for local artists. 

Solo and duet performers of any genre from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex are invited to become one of five musical acts to perform live at The Loft (1135 S. Lamar Street, Dallas, TX) in front of a panel of judges, and compete for a chance to win prizes including an acoustic-electric guitar provided by Taylor Guitars.

“Cool music and cool cars – like the new Chevy Sonic—have always gone hand-in-hand, and that connection is what the Chevy Sonic Sounds competition is all about. We hope to discover some terrific acoustic, ‘indie’ talent right under our noses,” says Mark Harland, Chevrolet regional marketing manager. “Great music doesn’t always have to be turned up to eleven. We’re looking for outstanding singer-songwriters who can make big musical moments happen on a simpler, smaller scale.”

Beginning today, musicians can log onto www.ChevySonicSounds.com to submit a video or MP3 recording of original music, along with a photo, and brief biographical information. All eligible submissions will be posted to the site and voted on by website visitors. The deadline for entries is November 23.

The top 15 vote-getters will be named semi-finalists, advancing to the second round of the competition, in which a panel of judges will choose five finalists based on an evaluation of their online submissions. The five finalists will participate in a showcase performance at The Loft on December 13.  Each finalist will perform in front of the panel of judges who will score performances based on quality of songwriting, instrumentation, and vocal performance.

Immediately following the showcase, a single grand prize winner will be chosen and awarded a prize package including a $100 gift certificate, a one-year subscription to an online gig-booking service, and a brand new acoustic-electric guitar from world-renown guitar maker, Taylor.

To be eligible, entries must be:
·         An acoustic solo or duet musical act
·         Legal residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area
·         At least 21 years of age
·         Without a music recording contract, or agreement relating to the use of your name ,voice and/or likeness, or music

Semi-finalists will be notified by December 2. For the complete list of contest rules and guidelines, please visit www.ChevySonicSounds.com
A comprehensive list of Song Contests compliments of MusesMuse.com

10. Songwriting Resources
Links to websites about songwriting, performance, music industry.

DSA Book Store - reviews, links, lists of recommended reading, and what's in the DSA Library.
11. BEST SONGS of the 2nd Tuesday Meeting

JAN 2011
Ask Your Heart by Vern Dailey
Beautiful For Just A Moment by Guy Rourk

Our Heaven On Earth by Vern Dailey

Where Are The Daddies by Nancy Rynders
A Time For Love by Michael Brandenberger

And Chicken Wings by Will Brown
Never Together Anymore by Nancy Rynders

Tear For Joanna by Casey Graham
The Gingerbread Man by Loretta Dunnaway

Small Town Girl by James Pappas and Roger Russell
I Let Her Get Away by Nancy Rynders

Keep on Riding by Brook Malouf
I Don't by Ray Phillips


Do You Love by James Pappas
That's Why by Vern Dailey

Hobo Gypsy King by James Pappas
Cross My Heart by Vern Dailey

Again by James Pappas
I'm A Witness by Nancy Rynders

To view past winners go to the Best Songs blog. http://bestsongsofthemeeting.blogspot.com/
To hear the winners go to our myspace page.
Did you know that A and R reps from labels and music publishers are listening to our Myspace page each month?

Did you know???  DSA held two song contests for active military and the Cds of the winning songs, Songs From the Soul of Service Vols. 1 and 2 are available online at:http://store.kagi.com/cgi-bin/store.cgi?storeID=7TE_LIVE&page=SSS4

Tribute to our fallen soldiers from DFW at our Podomatic site:
You Know Me Tribute to Fallen
Read the latest story about this years winners