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DSA E-News #93 March 2009

Hello Songwriter,

Grand Prize Winner, Mark Glasmire will be the featured performer at the March Crossroads Showcase, this Saturday, March 7th. We will be celebrating the contest winners. Also performing are semifinalists Jackie Doss, and Scott Hoying. Please come out if you are in the area.


Here is winning songs in a series of three podcasts at:


or direct link:


Our Concert is scheduled for the Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday May 23rd at the Neotropolis in the North Carrollton area.

Also, look for a podcast of the winners as soon as we have the last song produced for the CD.

Thanks to our judges : Lawrence Gelburd, Blake Milton, Sir Earl Toon, Barbara Farkas, Mark Menza, Steve Weingart & Mitch Paliga.
Thanks to our screeners: Mary Dawson, Ducado Vega, Trade-off, Mathew JC, Michael Gott, and Greg Dugan
Song are currently being produced for the new CD.
Read the latest story about this years winners



DSA Monthly Guest Speaker & Song Critiques
- Every Second Tuesday, except Aug.

At the Center for Community Cooperation, 2900 Live Oak, Dallas

The next meeting is Tuesday, March 10th.


Critiques will follow.

Planned 2008 Speakers
APR - Brad Dale from Dallas Audio Post , Preparing For A Recording Session
MAY - Co-writing Roundtables ( We did this last year and you asked for it again)
JUN - Beyond Open Mics - panel of local venue owners on how to get a paying gig

Have any suggestions? What kind of programs would you like?


DSA T-SHIRTS $10 at the meeting (you must ask me for the special) or online by mail $15


Songwriting, Song Swap Workshop
White Rock Coffee in East Dallas.



OPEN MIC EVERY 3RD THURSDAY - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

SONGWRITERS CONNECTING TO SENIORS - nothing currently scheduled
“In Their Own Words” Songwriters playing their own songs

Steve Sullivan's CROSSROADS SHOWCASE Every First Saturday
Varsity Grill, Plano, TX NW corner of Coit & Spring Creek
Featured March 7th
Mark Glasmire - Grand Prize Song Contest Winner
Scott Hoying - semifinalist, Bare Bones
Jackie Doss - semifinalist, Love Songs
Also performing:
Barbara McMillen
Texas LaReaux
Ian Dickson
Craig St. Clair

and the 2nd Thursday at the Filling Station, Preston Rd in N. Dallas


Summer 2008 Lyric Contest Winners

1. The Last Line by Mike Parrish, LaGrange, GA
2. Handy Heart by Kenna Zishka, Austin, Tx
3. Cheer On Our Country's Behalf by Genell Kelso
HM Strut My Country by Agnes "Gretta" Buntain, Cecilia, KY

Please see the lyric blog for winning lyrics and critiques.


Summer Contest Winners still to be announced.

Next Lyric Contest Deadline Extended to- March 15th, 2009 for Winter Lyric Contest
( Yes, we are catching up)
Entry fee is $10
Please see lyric contest webpage for details.

There are two Director seats on the DSA Board open. Please contact Steve Sullivan, sullarch at verizon dot net, to express your interest in serving.

2009 Officer & Direxctors
Steve Sullivan - President,
Steve Morgan - Vice President, ( Public Relations )
Paul Penrod - Vice President of Membership
Sherrie Davis - Vice President of Programs
Bob Paterno - Secretary
John Davis - Treasurer, ( Webmaster)

Board Members at Large
Barbara McMillen - Founding President Emeritus, Administration, Newsletter Editor
Nancy Rynders - Lyric Contest Director
William Brown - Military Song Contest Director
Don Ashley - DSA store manager
Cliff Munroe - resigned recently
Vern Dailey - Media Publicity, Monthly Meeting Programs
Anna Terry - Marketing
Rick Yentsch - Public relations, song contest
vacant -

The following may or may not be directors. You do not have to be a director or a member to be a committee member

Committee Members
Workshop Committee - chair - No one - this could be you
Annie Benjamin - Cordinator Song Swap Workshop
James Pappas - Song Swap Workshop committee
Genell Kelso - Librarian, workshops
Ray Phillips - Monthly Meeting Critiques

Showcase Committee - chair Cliff Munroe
Rick Yentz
Craig St. Clair
Paul Zander

Public Relations Committee- chair - Buck Morgan
Anna Terry - Marketing

SSS Committee - chair, Will Brown
Barbara McMillen
Lisa Lazo
Jose Volante
Mike Dawson

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Mark Glasmire, Trevor Dahlen, John Chandler, Peter Robinson, Allan Von, & Jack Hackworth.

THANK YOU FOR RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP: John Metz, Vern Dailey, Morri Hartgraves, Paul Penrod, Reagan Redfern, Nancy Rynders, Michael Roth, John Metz

TIME TO RENEW: The following members owe dues:

OCT: Judith de los Santos, Tony Burroughs, Michael Hart, Adam Donmoyer, Rich Ellis, Danny Everitt, Mathew Marsh, Brad Price, William LLoyd.
NOV: Robert Couch, Joni Ringo, Donna Aylor, Jenna Drey, Mike Hyden, Richard Kirwin, Will Brown, Elizabeth Kirchgatter, Al Scroggins, Ian Dickson, Will Livingston, Clif Munroe, Jan Seides, Steve Smith, Alisha Jackson, Sharon Pisors, David Carter, Tim Dawson, Terry Fann, Jason Heald, Brad Henske, Forrest Lawson, Phillip Marcus, Linda Moroziuk, Paul Reaney, Walter Sargent, Andy Taylor, John T Wilson,
DEC: Jeff Sharp, Craig St Clair, Lisa Mickelson, Steve Morgan, Bil Basinski, Genell Kelso, Steve Hill, Ross Vick, Jeri Asernault
JAN: Mary Dawson, Jeff Moxcey, Beverly Houston, Kathy Davidson, Drew Harakal, Sidney Miller, Ann Abercrombie, Kay Seamayer
FEB: Carol Shaw, Jennifer Carson, James Pappas, Jason Winford & Bill Amos
MARCH: Helene Cronin, Mark Hughey, Barbara Seiler, Michael Franceus, Neal Fletcher, Troll Mallow, Rory Moore, Kathy Nichols.

Renew your membership online,
You'll find the link to the store on the panel to the right
Or paste this link in your browser:

(Each month we have a workshop at our monthly meeting on the 1st Monday and 2nd Tuesday.)


FIRST MONDAY SONG SWAP at White Rock Coffee for peer critiques

DSA will be giving a Saturday workshop at a college in the spring.

Current workshops:


8. Events -

Featuring local and worldwide events of the songwriting community including, seminars, conferences, & showcases. Click on the link #8 to the right or copy and paste this link in your browser.

7-8 Amigo Guitar Show Nashville
13-22 SXSW, Austin
14 Urban Network Indie Label Festival, Industry Hill, CA
18-21 Red Gorilla Music Fest, Austin
21-22 Amigo Texas Guitar Show, Austin
3-4 NSAI Spring Training Symposium
5th, The Grind Extreme Sports & Music Festival
3-5 Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Dallas, DSA showcases
17-19 32nd Annual Dallas International Guitar Show at Market Hall,
17-19 Coachella Valley Music Fest
23-25 ASCAP I Create Music Expo, Hollywood
24-26, 30-May 1 New Orlean Jazz Fest
24-25, May 1-2 Sync Up: The Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange Conference
15-17 Wildflower Festival, Richardson, Tx
23rd Song From the Soul of Service Concert, Carrollton, Tx
30th Sweet Southern Music Festival
17-21 NXNE Seatle
19-21, Nashville

For more details visit the events page.
Also, hear the song contest winners podcast from this page.

9. Featured Articles:

M u s e ' s C l u e s : by Irene Jackson

©1998-2009 Moonstone Productions All Rights Reserved.
Used By Permission

This past Christmas season, my husband and I attended an event
which has become an annual tradition for many Canadians. Stuart
McLean is a broadcaster with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation) and every Sunday we tune into his "Vinyl Café" on
CBC Radio. He often tours the country with the show, and during
the month of December he has a live Christmas show that he brings
to many cities across the country. His show is also broadcast on
NPR in the US and can be heard online through a podcast:

The Vinyl Café is a collection of "stories, essays and music
(both live and recorded)" and Stuart McLean is a wonderful
storyteller. Not only does he read his own writings on air, but
he encourages listeners to submit their own stories and he will
usually read one or two of them each week as part of the show. A
song usually follows the story, and often the song relates to the
story topic. The show is folksy in nature and always fun to
listen to and Stuart McLean is a distinctive voice who never
fails to entertain.

Whatever style you write in, however you think of your
songwriting, you are always telling a story. The story might
only be about a moment in time or painting an emotional
landscape, but the best songs have a great beginning, middle and
end, just like a great story. Storytelling itself has become
almost a lost art in our technically-obsessed world, but it is
something every songwriter should think about when penning
lyrics, and the Vinyl Café is a great re-introduction to the
world of telling stories.

You can get the latest podcast from the website by either
subscribing or downloading straight on to your computer. Listen
to just one of these shows and I guarantee you'll be inspired!

Irene Jackson is a performing songwriter from Victoria, BC in
Canada. Aside from writing, recording and performing, she also
maintains a website for songwriters that includes tips, articles
and a songwriter's messageboard.

Songwriting Tips:


Part 1: Why record?

 By Eric Tunison, Owner of Groove Tunes Studios -

This is the first of five articles in the series 'Recording Your Music!'. In this installment we will discuss some reasons why you should consider recording your music. - ET


Every performing musician looks for effective ways to market themselves. If you are actively seeking gigging venues around town you need a calling card. You need to sell yourself to club owners and show them how great you are. They're going to want to meet you, but they're not going to ask you for a live audition. They're going to ask you for a demo CD. Yep, your best chance to land that gig is to have a killer sounding demo CD ready to give out the instant someone asks for it. And if you've recorded your demo at a professional recording studio you'll have a huge competitive edge over 95% of the competition who bring in amateurish mixes created in their cousin's bedroom. If you're serious about selling yourself, you will need a professionally recorded demo.

If it wasn't recorded, it never existed.

Even if you don't plan to gig out there are other reasons why you should record your music. For one, your music and your sound is your legacy. Hey, you're not going to live forever. A recording is a 'record' of your talent. It's a living and timeless document of who you are and what you did. Consider if Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix hadn't recorded their works when they were in their early twenties. Nobody except their family and a few friends would remember them today. What if a would-be author never bothered to write down his thoughts? What if a visually creative artist never purchased a camera, or a paint brush and easel? Recorded sound is the legacy of all musicians. Without a recording your musical existence is only hearsay. It's like it never existed.

You owe it to yourself!

Recordings that are produced professionally can make you sound amazing, as good as you've ever sounded. Your professional recording is something to be proud of, something that you will want to show off and give to loved ones. And if you're really good, your recordings can lead to financial gain. The only downsides to recording are the time and cost it takes to do it. But compared to all the time and treasure you expend during your lifetime perfecting your craft and buying your instruments, the cost of a professional recording is a very, very small investment, and one that can reap emotional - if not financial  -rewards.

In the next article we will examine how to prepare for your recording session. - ET


10. Song Contests

BW Stevenson Singer Songwriter Contest : Deadline March 31
Wildflower Singer Songwriter Song Contest
Broadjam Keyboard Contest
John Lennon Song Contest
USA Songwriting Contest


11. Songwriting Resources

New link added for Acoustic Music Scene is an online publication launched in January 2007 to provide news & commentary for the folk, roots and singer-songwriter communities. They provide their readers with links to other websites where they can learn about folk and other acoustic music organizations, venues, and artists performing in areas in which they live, work or travel.

12. Best Songs of the 2nd Tuesday Meeting

Cross My Heart by Vern Dailey

Easy For You by Ray Philips & Richard Davis

To view past winners go to the Best Songs blog.
To hear the winners go to our myspace page.

Did you know that A&R reps from labels and music publishers are listening to our Myspace page each month?


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