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Dallas Songwriters Email Newsletter #82 April 2008

In this Message:

1. Song Contest _ Opens May 1 <#1>
2. Songs From Soul of Service - submissions now open thru April 30 <#2>
3. DSA Meetings <#3>-
Every 1st Monday - Songwriting Song Swap Workshop -, April 7
Every 2nd Tuesday - Monthly Guest Speaker, Song & Lyric Critiques - April 8
4. DSA Showcases & Open Mics <#4>
Every 1st Saturday @ Varsity Club, Plano- April 5
Every 3rd Thursday @ Dunn Brothers Coffee House, Addison- April 17
Songwriter Spotlight Airs on Dallas Cable
5. Lyric Contest <#5>- Spring Contest deadline, June 10th
6. Feature Article <#6>: Notice of special elections
7. Workshops <#7> -
8. Feature Articles - <#8> BMI Honors TX Songwriters, Records
Company Team w MySpace, Importance of Being On Web
9. Trade Shows & Events <#9>- Guitar Show April 18-20
10. Contests <#10> - SSS Contest still accepting entries
11. Monthly Opportunities <#11>- Members only pitch & special discounts
12. DSA on <#12>
13. Yahoo Groups & Newsletter <#13>-
14. Best Songs of the Meeting <#14>-
15. Area Performances <#15> - Open Mics - News - Distribution offer
16. Volunteer and Donation Opportunities <#16>

1. 2008



Grand Prize Winner of Epiphone Guitar

The Morning You song clip

Andy Taylor, Marietta, GA

Hank Woji of Houston, Tx won the drawing for the IPOD

Thank You, Roy and Broadjam for all your support!!
See critiques of the top 9 songs

by Grand Prize Judge Roy Elkins
All winning songs are included on a compilation CD

Click Here To order CD ONLINE

Then click on Browse button on the left side on the page

When the next page comes up, scroll down to pick your product

See details on the DSA website

Gibson Guitars
Nancy Rynders
Texas Music Group
Santa Fe Design
Mike McClain 972-271-3906
Crystal Clear Sound
Dallas Guitar Show
Around Townes Productions 214 674-0054 WM Sales/Cam Audio

Patrick McGuire Recording
Jaelius Music
Mary Dawson
River Sounds Recording Resort

Genell Kelso
Jerry Camp, Texas Theater, Waxahachie, /
Bar-b Music Marketing Consultants -

Get the 2002-2006CD compilation with a donation to DSA.

Quarternote Donation- Donate $ 25 to DSA, receive the 2006 Song Contest CD Compilation
Halfnote Donation - Donate $ 50 to DSA, receive the 2006 & 2005 Song Contest CD Compilation and a DSA T-shirt
Dottednote Donation - Donate $ 75 to DSA, receive the 2006 - 2004 Song Contest CD Compilation and a DSA T-shirt
Wholenote Donation - Donate $100 to DSA, receive the 2006 - 2002 Song Contest CD Compilation & DSA T-shirt

Send your donation by mail to:
DSA c/o Sammons Center For The Arts
3630 Harry Hines Blvd. Box 20
Dallas, TX 75219



Now in its second year, the Songs From The Soul Of Service song contest
is open exclusively to active duty members of the US Military as well as
those currently inactive due to injury or disability suffered after the
start of the war in Afghanistan. Participants may also submit songs on
behalf an immediate family member. There are eight categories ranging
from Country to Hip Hop, with a special category for participants
currently serving in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Entries are accepted
by mail or can be submitted on-line at

As with the first Songs From The Soul Of Service contest, the winning
songs will be compiled on a professionally produced CD.


BUY 2006 Winners CD TODAY - A handsome product that we are
very proud of . DSA appreciates the work of the SSS committee and
especially Ross Vick, Jose Volante and Annie Cornelius for the hours of
dedication to this project. DSA also owes a big "thank you" for
conceiving and directing this entire project which seemed the impossible
dream at the beginning. Get your CD with a donation either online at
or by mail please send a donation (includes tax and shipping and
handling) to:
Songs > From the Soul of Service CD
Dallas Songwriters Association
3630 Harry Hines Blvd. Bx 20
Dallas, Tx 75219

Give a Soulnote Donation of $15 a get a CD
Give a Dotted Soulnote Donation of $30 and get a CD & a t-shirt

DSA is a proud member of the America Supports You team.

Thanks to our partners, sponsors, and supporters
Gaylord Texan
Nancy Rynders
Compass Bank
Southwest Airlines
Yorktown Digital Works

Aaron Kelly, Aaron Sounds
Ross Vick,
Gary Eckert, The Access Group
John Adams,
Mo HI Sounds LLC

Texas Music Group
Performing Songwriter Magazine
Jazziz Magazine
The Navy League of the US, Dallas Council
Department of Texas VFW
Almost Famous Productions
America Supports You
Vick Family Foundation



DSA Monthly Guest Speaker & Song Critiques - Every Second Tuesday,
except Aug.

At the Center for Community Cooperation, 2900 Live Oak (Oak Corner), Dallas

The next meeting is Tuesday, April 8th
How Songwriters & Performers Can Give Their Best Interview

Guest Speaker- Bobbie Wygant
Radio and TV Emmy winner Bobbie Wygant will also talk about the
most memorable people she has ever interviewed.

Bobbie has interviewed celebrities like Bob Hope (her favorite),
Bette Davis, Tom Cruise, Sally Field, John Travolta, Clint Eastwood,
Tom Hanks, John Wayne, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Johnny Carson,
George Clooney, Jim Carrey, Bruce Willis and many others.

Bobby Wygant was the first broadcaster in Texas and is only the 16th
in the U.S. to be inducted into the prestigious Gold Circle of the
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, saluting her for
more than 50 years of achievement in broadcasting.

6:30 PM - Sign In/ NETWORKING
7:00 PM - Announcements
7:30 PM - Featured Speaker

8:00 PM - SONG CRITIQUES - Members only - $5 Per Critique (1 song per
member, please)... Bring CD (bring one song on a CD) or cassette and 30
lyric sheets so that each person will be able to follow the lyric as the
song plays. Songs should be the FIRST track on the CD or Tape. Those
without lyric sheets may be bumped.

Mail In your Critiques now for the next meeting
Members may mail in to our PO Box a Cd to be critiqued at the meetings
for a fee of $20. Your critique will be recorded and sent to you as an
MP3 file. This offers members who are unable to attend the meeting the
benefit from the critique program and a chance to compete for the
Songwriter of the Year Award. Here's a comment from Morri Hartgraves
about the program, "Thank you for putting the time and effort into MIC.
The program is really benefitting me as a songwriter. Sherrie and
Blake's comments were appreciated."


DSA is offering a place to swap magazines at the monthly meeting.
Instead of throwing out your music magazines, bring them to the meeting
to share with other members. We will provide a space at the sign in
tables for the Zine Swap. For more information call 214 750-0916 or
visit the DSA website.

Songwriting /Music related books are available for checking out by DSA
members at the meetings. Donations to our library are accepted.

Planned 2008 Speakers
May - Roundtable Discussion, Membership Meeting
June - No Contact Band
July - Steve Weisberg from John Denver Band
Have any suggestions? What kind of programs would you like?

In case you missed it: Mike Dawson has posted the video of his presentation at a recent DSA meeting on my Blog:


DSA T-SHIRTS $12 at the meeting or online by mail (+$3 shipping)

Songwriting, Song Swap Workshop - FIRST MONDAY - April 7
White Rock Coffee in East Dallas.
10105 E. Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75238 214-341-4774
Lead by Annie Benjamin 214 213-0029

Sometimes we meet upstairs, sometimes downstairs. There is usually about eight of us from about 7 pm til 9 and sometimes as late as 11:00. Sometimes there is new staff so he may not be sure of who/or what the DSA is. So LOOK AROUND. however, the folks who work there are well aware of us-



7:00pm to 10:00pm
north west corner of Coit & Spring Creek in Plano
6205 Coit Rd # 148, Plano, 75024 - (972) 758-5300
To perform please call prior to get a spot: Steve Sullivan
A joint effort of DSA and HOOT (Harmonica Organization of Texas) Come early to eat!

Plano Television Network (PTN) came out to our Dec. 1st show and filmed the show for editing and putting on their weekly current events in Plano show called "Plano Wired". It's a 30 minute show in news anchor style in which they feature one of our singers from the show. Here's the link:



OPEN MIC EVERY 3RD THURSDAY - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
3725 Belt Line Road Addison, Texas 75001 Phone: 972-406-9711
Please direct all inquiries to: Craig St. Clair 972 307-8116

TEXAS SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND 2nd friday - no show in April
May 9th, 7-11 - Badu House - Llano David Sally Slaughter featured
Please direct all inquiries to: Jeri Arsernault 512 217 4596
Get out to play or just listen. Please let her know if you're comnig to play.


DSA Member Genell Kelso is producing a new cable show (for Dallas Cable Channel), Songwriter Spotlight, presented by Dallas Songwriters Association. DSA is reviving the series thanks to Genell's efforts. Appearance on this show is a member's benefit. DSA Songwriters Spotlight, Episode 2 is currently airing. In the City of Dallas, it will be shown on Dallas iMedia Network - Time-Warner Cable Channel 27A.

[Or you can watch the streaming online video at that "real time" " - (not available "on demand" - sorry.] On your PC, go to In the left column, under Watch Dallas i.Media Now, Channel 95 / 27, click View. (Be sure your volume is on.)

This half-hour episode - filmed in black-and-white at DSA's Meet and Greet Fri.Nov.2, 2007, and subtitled Retro Roadhouse - includes performances by Mary Guthrie, Scott Michael Nelles, Craig St.Clair, Allen Larson, Dan Chandler, and Steve Sullivan. Good stuff!

This episode will continue running - the schedule is posted weekly Thursday-to-Thursday. To find the new index, go online to In the right column,
click on the 12th item, Find a Program - then scroll down alphabetical listings to "Songwriters Spotlight." (It'll probably be listed for 5-7 showings per week.)



Dallas Songwriters' series of showcases aimed at reaching out to the senior community. Let me know if you are planning to come and perform. The public is invited to share this special one hour program of original songs by Dallas Songwriters.

Our goal is to honor the dignity, worth and contribution of the senior community by treating those we serve with respect and compassion, at all times being responsive to their needs and dedicated to their well being. We serve together through cooperation, communication, and character to achieve the highest and the best in ourselves and for our organization. Through the successful pursuit of our mission, we hope to renew hope and joy to those with whom we share our songs. Contact Barbara McMillen at for more information.


Winter 2008 Contest currently being judged
Next Lyric Contest Deadline - June 10th, 2008 for Spring Lyric Contest

Bring your entries to the meeting or mail to us:
Dallas Songwriters Lyric Contest % Sammons Center for the Arts
3630 Harry Hines Blvd. Box 20, Dallas, TX 75219
Lyricists! Here's your chance to shine.

The main prize is what we all aspire to - RECOGNITION FOR OUR LYRICAL WORK!
1st place winning lyricists will receive $50
1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners and lyrics will be published both in the DSA "Songwriters Notes" newsletter and the website.
Entry fee is $10 per lyric.
View the past winners at:

6. NOTICE - Special Membership Meeting for Elections, May 13, 7PM, 2900 Live Oak

DSA will have a special membership meeting to elect a board of directors. You will receive a written notice of this meeting in the mail. If you do not get this notice within this month, then we either do not have a correct address on you, or your membership needs to be renewed before you can vote. Ballots will be handed out at the meeting to voting members only. Please come to the May 13th Meeting at the Center For Community Cooperation 2900 Live Oak, 7PM.

7. WORKSHOPS - Pat Pattison coming back to Dallas in May & June.

Announcing: 2008 Performing Songwriter School - May 16-18, 2008 Instructors for the career changing weekend are: Grammy Award Winning Kathy Mattea - Performance/Vocals Professor Pat Pattison - Structure/Lyrics and rhythm marriage Grammy Award Winning Jon Vezner - Emotion and Heart of the song Limited to 40 students $150 per student

For more details and to reserve a place in the seminar:


June 7& 8: Pat Pattison's Intensive Lyric Writing Workshop 10AM-4PM each day

Sponsored by Dallas Songwriters and Absolute Reheasal Studios 214 295-2673

Details coming soon.


Not affiliated with a performance rights society yet? join BMI


Absolute Rehearsal Studios for all your rehearsal needs call 214 295-2673


July 28th - Aug 1 Nashville School of Music


Texas Songwriters Cruise Workshop / February 1-8, 2009
Caribbean; Galveston Lealean Peace , (512) 627-2278


BMI Honors Texas Songwriters
Not affiliated with a performance rights society yet? join BMI

Three Record Companies Team Up With MySpace for Music Web Site
Three of the music industry's four major companies have struck a deal with the
social networking site MySpace to start a music Web site.

Musicians Online: The Importance of Being on the Web

Go to Broadjam News: 04/1/08 #526
Why be Online?

Simply Being on the Web

Having Your Own URL

Digital Fandom

Current Film/TV Destinations

Why be Online?

It's pretty clear that most Broadjam members understand the benefit of
an online presence. If you didn't, you wouldn't be a member. But being
on the web is beyond beneficial for musicians, it's necessary. In the
ever-changing market of digital music, it is imperative that musicians
understand the industry and are capable of controlling their content in
the do-it-yourself world. This shift to musician-powered promotion is
summed up perfectly in this short interview segment

with Don Gorder, chair and founder of the Music Business/Management
Department at Berklee College of Music.

Simply Being on the Web

In the digital music market, independent musicians finally have a voice
and a quick, reliable way to share and sell music. However, this
newfound freedom can be daunting. There are millions of ways to use the
web, so a little musician-focused guidance is useful. Below are a few
helpful articles to help streamline the promotion process:
How to Self Promote Your Music

Internet Connects Musicians, Fans

Fifteen top music promotion tips

Also, Roy will be posting a Blog tomorrow about how to capitalize on the
web as a musician, so don't forget to check it out.

Having Your Own URL

Some of you may be wondering, "Why would I need a website if I have
Broadjam?" Good question. Broadjam serves as a community and resource
for musicians, but a personal website will literally be your address.
With a personal site you can customize the look, create email lists and
blasts, track contacts and tasks and more.
Here is a good web article that examines the importance of owning your
own URL:
Importance of having your own domain name.

Primos, don't forget that Web Hosting is a free feature of your
membership - take advantage of it. Templated Web Hosting
is as quick and easy to set up as
your Broadjam Profile.

Digital Fandom

The last thing we wanted to call attention to is the relationship
between musicians and their fans in the new music market. Nancy Baym of
Online Fandom has posted an informative presentation regarding this
topic on her blog. The presentation
downloadable and includes her detailed notes on the history of fandom
and the direction the Internet fandom is taking.


Saturday, April 5: Looking at Jazz In celebration of Jazz
Appreciation Month, Dr. John Murphy from the University of North Texas
will be offering a session of film and discussion on the work of
Thelonious Monk and Lennie Tristano, two of the most original composers
in jazz. That session will start at 1:30 p.m. in the Performance Space
on the 4th floor.
Then, starting at 3:00 in the Auditorium on the 1st floor, the
UNT Jazz Repertory Ensemble, under Dr. Murphy's direction, will perform
music by Monk and Tristano, to let you hear the work discussed in the
first session. Free

April 4-6: Deep Ellum Arts Festival
Deep Ellum Arts Festival

Songwriters Stage, Malcolm X and Main
members play on the
songwriter stage each day
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

April 10-12: ASCAP I Create Music Expo, Hollywood, CA REGISTER HERE NOW

Thursday, April 17: Writers in the Round: On Fiction, Truth, and Three
Chords, 6-8 p.m. at the Garden Café, 5310 Junius St. in East
Dallas. Singer/songwriter Trish Murphy will join Dallas-based authors
Will Clarke, Harry Hunsicker and Melanie Wells for a night of songs and
stories. Free.
April 17-19 Great Southwest Guitar Show

April 27 - 30,- MUSEXPO artist showcase submission for its 2008

May 2-4: Quest for Harmony Gathering @ Rancho Frijole,
Electric open mic on Friday beginning at 6pm, hosted by Chuck Bond,
Little Whippoorwill Stage.

May 11-18 Listening Room Songwriters Retreat, Sweden
May 16-18 Wildflower Festival, Richardson, Tx
May -June: Kerville Folk Festival

June 7th - Great Castell Kayak Race 2008 -
Appearing are DSA's Jeanie Silva & Ross Vick
also appearing: David Lewis Morgan- ASG, Pamela Lind -TSR, Aaron Hermes
- Sitarist, Producer and Percussionist Sally Slaughter- TSR

June 12-15, 2008 North By Northeast Music Festival and Conference (NXNE)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

June 13-15: I Got Soul Conference, Dallas, Tx
June 26-July 6: SummerFest, Milwalkee, WS

June 27-29: Roots Music Conference, San Antonio, TX
July 13-18: REO Rafting Songwriter Retreat, Vancouver, BC

August 24-30: Horse & Writer Invitational, Dubois, WY ,
August 31-Sept 6: Horse & Writer Classic, Dubois, WY ,


DSA LYRIC CONTEST - Ongoing - Quarterly Deadlines -
Next Deadline June 10th

SongsSoulService - free to active military - deadline April 30

Dallas Songwriters Association 17th annual Song Contest opens May 1st

The 8th Annual Art of Music Writing Contest is underway. Submit
music-related poems,
short stories, essays, and/or song lyrics.


The second International Music Awards contest from Music Aid
Visit or for full details.


The BOSAs Songwriting Awards
Deadline to Enter: October and April of each year
Online video contest, FameCast (
) opened an exclusive stage for those who
serve in the military.

Star Search Nashville
Watch the NEW video trailer -
International talent competition for singers,
dancers, songwriters, and bands

- Executive judges and value-added 1-on-1 workshops - Hone your
- Fantastic prizes include a $10,000.00 music video, recording
sessions, and music contract

* Ongoing Contests on Broadjam:

11. Monthly Opportunities- For Members Only

Looking for original children's songs on the topics of spring, summer,
sports, or pets,
Perform on Crossroads Showcase or Songwriters Spotlight Cable TV show
You'll get this feature via the members-only Yahoo group.

12. -

DSA is starting to use a Myspace page to help promote our organization and to provide another channel of communication to our members and friends. DSA and Live Mix both have pages on and we want to connect all our members together in a network. Please connect to

13. YAHOO GROUPS & NEWSLETTER - Tell Your Friends
We have 2 Yahoo Groups - If you do not access your yahoo mail periodically, you may be dropped for our group, so keep your account current.

- for members only. An easy way to get timely emails about singers and publishers searching for songs and last minute events. Members may also inform the group about performance dates and ask industry related questions of the membership. Members are verified for current membership and will have paid a membership fee.

A general list for anyone interested in keeping up with songwriting events and other interesting stuff. Generally you will get 1 or 2 emails a month. This is a Distribution only group - meaning that only the "moderators" can send out emails, and they go out to all the members of the group. The group is listed in the Yahoo directory, and open for ANYONE to join.
Go to and
click on "JOIN THIS GROUP".

The Dallas Songwriters Association is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to educating it's members on the craft and business of Songwriting. Monthly meetings, showcases, workshops, newsletter, quarterly lyric contest, yearly song contest and networking events. Join this group to keep up with what's happening in the music industry.


Monthly Email Issue - That's what this is!
Monthly Hard Copy - handed out at the meeting and mailed to those who do not have email.
Seasonal Hard Copy - Fall 2007 is on the website announcing the 2007
Song Contest Semifinalists - The direct link to the page is

I will send you a hard copy if you want one - just email me.

All issues are available in PDF form at our website.
Go to the DSA main page at and click on the Newsletter link on the left side. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document. If you do not have that, go to to download the free software. You can read it on your computer or print it. Hard copies were mailed to members who do not have email addresses or cannot get attachments, or have simply asked for one. I will mail you one, just ask.

14. Best Songs of the Meeting -

2007 Winning Song No Better Day by Ed Williams
2007 Songwriter of the Year - Ed Williams

NOV 2007
A Man's Gotta Do by Ed Williams
Out of Time by Lisa Apple
DEC 2007
Nothing Left To Burn by Vicky Williams
JAN 2008
The Promise by Ray Phillips, Jim Bardfield, Jesse Block
FEB 2008
Break Even by Charles Sterling
Dancing Feet & Honky Tonk Hearts by Vern Dailey
MARCH 2008
Until Love Comes This Way by Ray Phillips & Richard Davis

Hear the winners each month on

15. Area Performances - Open Mics - News

Saturday, April 26th
Glitter Rose's 3rd Annual 21st Birthday Bash!
Poor David's Pub, Dallas, TX

Distribution Opportunity for Indie Artists - Indie Artist
looking for digital distribution of their independent CD in all store
locations via K-Tel can submit the CD to K-Tel Distribution, Texas Music
Group, 2932 Dyer St, Dallas, Tx 75205.

Open Mic @ Poor David's Pub
Wednesday, February 14th (2nd Wednesday)
7pm-Midnight - FREE Admission

Half Price Books NWHY Free Music Open Mic - 4th Thursday

The Amanda Williams Monday Writers Night, which is host to our
Durango Songwriters the THIRD MONDAY of each month, is held at the
Blue Bar on Broadway, starting at 9pm. Next DSE night is November 19th.
Rack Room/Blue Bar 1911 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203 615.327.8001

Songwriters Live showcase in South Orange County, on the fourth Thursday
contact Frank at:

for more area open mics

Uncle Calvins
Poor David's Pub

16. Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

Want to volunteer? Email Barbara McMillen at

Motivating and Uplifting Songwriters Everywhere

DSA is a 501 C-3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing to songwriters everywhere opportunities for learning about the craft and business of songwriting. Songwriters Newsletter is published by the Dallas Songwriters Association c/o Sammons Center for the Arts 3630 Harry Hines Blvd Box 20 Dallas, TX 75219.
Barbara McMillen, Editor, Founding President Emeritus