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Dallas Songwriters Email Newsletter #87 SEPT 2008

In this Message:
1. Song Contest _ Enter Now thru Oct 31st
2. Songs From Soul of Service - winners announced
3. DSA Meetings-
Every 1st Monday - Songwriting Song
Swap Workshop -, Oct 6th
Every 2nd Tuesday -Guest Speaker, Song & Lyric Critiques Oct 14th
4. DSA Showcases & Open Mics
Every 1st Saturday @ Varsity Club, Plano- Oct 4th
Every 3rd Thursday @ Dunn Brothers - Sept 18th, Oct 16th
Every 3rd Sat. @ Rock House, Addison- Sept 20th, Oct 18th
Songwriters Connecting to Seniors - Sept 27th
5. Lyric Contest – Spring Contest deadline extended, Oct. 14h
6. Member News: need to renew
7. Workshops - Acoustic music camp
8. Feature Articles
9. Trade Shows & Events-
10. Contests
11. Monthly Opportunities- Members only pitch & special discounts
12. DSA on
13. Yahoo Groups & Newsletter -
14. Best Songs of the Meeting-
15. Area Performances - Open Mics – News -
16. Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

--------ADVERTISEMENT -------

WANTED: Neve, Telefunkin, Helios, API, RCA, Consoles, Channel Strips, Preamps, Parts, Microphones. Will pay top dollar in cash.
Will pick up or arrange all shipping. CONTACT: bronsismusic@comcast,net 615 292-6312 Finders
fee also paid.

Check out 2007 WINNERS posted online.

Judging Process for the DSA Contest

Each year, the DSA judges determine the top three winners from each category, as well as honorable mentions, and Roy is presented with that list of artists to determine grand prize winners. The category judges do not tell Roy which artists won categories or who received honorable mention; he's simply presented with the artists and approximately 30 songs.

Roy's painstaking process for reviewing the songs is carefully laid out to ensure that each song is thoroughly analyzed. Since Roy lives about an hour away from the Broadjam office, not only is his gas bill through the roof, but he has plenty of time to listen to music on the road. Once presented with the finalists' songs, Roy will burn them on to CD (actually he'll have me do it, but let's give him the credit on this one) and he'll listen to the songs every day on his two hour commute until he can narrow it down to about 15-20 songs.

Roy then takes those 15-20 songs and listens to them in his studio until he can narrow the list down to an undetermined amount - usually 8-12 songs.

These 8-12 songs then get put on another CD so that Roy can listen again in his car.
At this point, Roy brings a voice recorder along on his commute and takes notes about each song as he's listening to them. After that, leaders usually emerge, but that doesn't mean it's a simple decision. As you can imagine, this far in to the judging process, Roy knows each song like he wrote them himself, and as Roy says, "It's usually the songs that I can't stop humming to myself throughout the day that end up winning, whether it's a catchy hook or memorable melody. Each year the quality of submissions gets better, making it a more difficult decision for me, but I can still remember the hook of each Grand Prize winning song since I started judging this contest.
I get a thrill out doing this. To date, it is still the only contest I judge, I'm proud to be a part of it, and I highly recommend it to all songwriters."

The DSA 2008 Song Contest is open and accepting submissions, and this year TWO new categories have been introduced - "Bare Bones" (vocals + 1 or 2 instruments) and
"Music Video."

Click here to submit to the DSA 2008 Song Contest.
Gibson Guitars
Nancy Rynders
Texas Music Group
Santa Fe Design
Mike McClain 972-271-3906
Crystal Clear Sound
Dallas Guitar Show
WM Sales/Cam Audio
Patrick McGuire Recording
River Sounds Recording Resort
Bar-b Music Marketing Consultants

Get the 2002-2006CD compilation with a donation to DSA.

To get YOUR copy of the CD (while they last), you can
make a donation to DSA through our online store.
Quarternote Donation Donate $ 25 to DSA, receive the
2006 Song Contest CD Compilation
Halfnote Donation Donate $ 50 to DSA, receive the 2006
& 2005 Song Contest CD Compilation and a DSA T-shirt
Dottednote Donation Donate $ 75 to DSA, receive the
2006-2004 Song Contest CD Compilation and a DSA T-shirt
Wholenote Donation Donate $100 to DSA, receive the
2006 - 2002 Song Contest CD Compilation & DSA T-shirt

OR send your donation by mail to:
DSA c/o Sammons Center For The Arts
3630 Harry Hines Blvd. Box 20
Dallas, TX 75219
WINNERS ANNOUNCED , Thanks to our judges : Lawrence Gelburd, Blake Milton, Sir Earl Toon, Barbara Farkas, Mark Menza, Steve Weingart & Mitch Paliga. Thanks to our screeners: Mary Dawson, Ducado Vega, Trade-off, Mathew JC, Michael Gott, and Greg Dugan
Song are currently being produced for the new CD.
Read the latest story about this years winners
Now in its second year, the Songs From The Soul Of Service song contest is open exclusively to active duty members of the US Military as well as those currently inactive due to injury or disability suffered after the start of the war in Afghanistan. Participants may also submit songs on behalf an immediate family member. There were eight categories ranging from Country to Hip Hop, with a special category for participants currently serving in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Entries are accepted by mail or can be submitted on-line at
As with the first Songs From The Soul Of Service contest, the winning songs will be compiled on a professionally produced CD.

BUY 2006 Winners CD TODAY - A handsome product that we are very proud of . DSA appreciates the work of the SSS committee and especially Ross Vick, Jose Volante and Annie Cornelius for the hours of dedication to this project. DSA also owes a big "thank you" for conceiving and directing this entire project which seemed the impossible dream at the beginning. Get your CD with a donation either online at:
or by mail please send a donation (includes tax and shipping and handling) to:

Songs From the Soul of Service CD
Dallas Songwriters Association
3630 Harry Hines Blvd. Bx 20
Dallas, Tx 75219
Give a Soulnote Donation of $15 a get a CD
Give a Dotted Soulnote Donation of $30 and get a CD & a t-shirt

DSA is a proud member of the America Supports You team.
Thanks to our partners, sponsors, and supporters:
Gaylord Texan
Yorktown Digital Works
Texas Music Group
Department of Texas VFW
America Supports You


DSA Monthly Guest Speaker & Song Critiques
- Every Second Tuesday, except Aug.

At the Center for Community Cooperation, 2900 Live Oak, Dallas

The next meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 14th

Writing Better Melodies 
Guest Speaker- Barbara McMillen
Founding President Emeritus, Dallas Songwriters Association
Associate Professor of Songwriting, Collin College

6:30 PM - Sign In/ NETWORKING
7:00 PM – Announcements
7:30 PM – Guest Speaker
8:00 PM – SONG CRITIQUES - Members only - $5 Per Critique (1 song per member, please)...
Bring CD (bring one song on a CD) or cassette and 30 lyric sheets so that each person will be able to follow the lyric as the song plays. Songs should be the FIRST track on the CD or Tape.

Those without lyric sheets may be bumped.

Mail In your Critiques now for the next meeting
Members may mail in to our PO Box a Cd to be critiqued at the meetings for a fee of $20. Your critique will be recorded and sent
to you as an MP3 file. This offers members who are unable to attend the meeting the benefit from the critique program and a chance to compete for the Songwriter of the
Year Award. Here's a comment from Morri Hartgraves about the program, "Thank you for putting the time and effort into MIC. The program is really
benefitting me as a songwriter. Sherrie and Blake's comments were appreciated.


DSA is offering a place to swap magazines at monthly meeting. Instead of throwing out your music magazines, bring them to the meeting to share with other members. We will provide a space at the sign in tables for the Zine Swap. For more information call 214 750-0916 or visit the DSA website.


Songwriting /Music related books are available for checking out by DSA members at the meetings. Donations to our library are accepted.


Planned 2008 Speakers
OCT- Writing Better Melodies, Barbara McMillen
NOV- Marketing Your Music On MySpace, Reagan Redfern
DEC - Christmas Party
JAN - Rayan Callaway
FEB - Adam Mitchell
MAR - John Christopher Davis
Have any suggestions? What kind of programs would you like?


DSA T-SHIRTS $12 at the meeting or online by mail
(+$3 shipping)


Songwriting, Song Swap Workshop
White Rock Coffee in East Dallas.
10105 E. Northwest Highway Dallas, TX 75238 214-341-4774
Lead by Annie Benjamin 214 213-0029
Sometimes we meet upstairs, sometimes downstairs.
There is usually about eight of us from about 7 pm
til 9 and sometimes as late as 11:00. Sometimes
there is new staff so he may not be sure of who/or
whatthe DSA is. So LOOK AROUND. however, the
folks who work there are well aware of us-

OPEN MIC EVERY 3RD THURSDAY - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
3725 Belt Line Road Addison, Texas 75001 Phone: 972-406-9711
Please direct all inquiries to: Craig St. Clair 972 307-8116 txstclair at

Crossroads Music Showcase

CROSSROADS Addison "Singer songwriters"
Saturday, Sept. 20th 7:00-10:00 pm
ROCKHOUSE Grill / 4060 Beltline Rd. / Addison, TX
Beltline Rd. west of Dallas Tollway
7:00 Steve Sullivan
7:30 Barbe McMillen
8:00 Cliff Munroe & Drew Harakal
Headliner Artist9:00 Rich Macklin
9:30 Sam Moore & Gary Tullier
10:00 TBD
Featured Guest Next Month:Oct. 18 Tony Vea Band

CROSSROADS Plano "Singer songwriters"

7:00pm to 10:00pm
north west corner of Coit & Spring Creek in Plano
6205 Coit Rd # 148, Plano, 75024 - (972) 758-5300

Come by to eat dinner and support live "Texas original"
singer-songwriter music. To book a 30 minute time slot, contact:Steve Sullivan, Host & DSA PresidentEmail: or 972-672-1339

Songwriters Connecting To Seniors
“In Their Own Words”
Songwriters playing their own songs

Saturday, September 27th at 3:00pm
Apple Tree Court, 870 W. Arapaho, Richardson, Tx

The public is invited to share this special
one-hour program of original songs by Dallas Songwriters.

Barbara McMillen, DSA Founding President Emeritus, is an award winner
songwriter and performer who has a Bachelor Science degree in Music
Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. She performs and practices
Music Therapy daily in Dallas area facilities.

Steve Sullivan, DSA President, plays guitar and harmonica and mandolin.
He is also past president of the HOOT association for harmonica players.
Steve hosts a showcase one a month at the Varsity Club in Plano.

Stephen Boone, DSA member, plays acoustic guitar, and is a math tutor
and a movie extra. Stephen says, ”So far I have stood in a crowd of
victims in a public service announcement and a crowd of zombies. The
zombie movie paid 5 dollars and all the pizza I could eat.

Are you a member that would like to perform with us? Shoot me an email, we'd love to have you.

Dallas Songwriters' series of showcases aimed at reaching
out to the senior community. Let me know if you are
planning to come and perform.

The public is invited to share this special one hour program of original songs by Dallas Songwriters.
Our goal is to honor the dignity, worth and contribution
of the senior community by treating those we serve with
respect and compassion, at all times being responsive to
their needs and dedicated to their well being. We serve
together through cooperation, communication, and character
to achieve the highest and the best in ourselves and for our organization. Through the successful pursuit of our mission,
we hope to renew hope and joy to those with whom we share
our songs. Contact Barbara McMillen at for more information.

Summer Contest Extended

Next Lyric Contest Deadline - October 14th, 2008
for Summer Lyric Contest
Bring your entries to the meeting or mail to us:
Dallas Songwriters Lyric Contest % Sammons Center
for the Arts
3630 Harry Hines Blvd. Box 20, Dallas, TX 75219

Lyricists! Here’s your chance to shine.
The main prize is what we all aspire to - RECOGNITION
1st place winning lyricists will receive $50
1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners and lyrics will be published
both in the DSA “Songwriters Notes” newsletter and
the website.
Entry fee is $10 per lyric.
View the past winners at:

6. MEMBER NEWS - Membership Meeting & elections scheduled for
Monthly Meeting in November.
Any member can serve as a committee member. Our
committees include: Membership, Song Contest, Lyric
Contest, Workshops, Critiques, Meetings, Marketing,
Finance, fundraising, sponsorship, public relations.
You can join this list of committee members by
volunteering to

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: , Phillip Cooner, Edd Haynes, James Foster, Jenna Colston, Tom Carder, and Marquel Dionne


TIME TO RENEW: The following members have an
anniversay month in:

MARCH: Jack Gullege, Matt Martindale, Fred Christoffer

APRIL : Glitter Rose, Stephen Boone, Nataliya Stinson

MAY: Max Stalling, Steve Samuels, Susan Fowler, JR Byrd, BonJean Rush,

JUNE: Jose Volante, Dyanna Kristie, Scott White,
Mike Dawson, Anne White, Bobby McBride
JULY: Austin Cunningham, Bill Honker, Charlotte Ryerson, Alex Townes, Sally Ritchie, Randy Wallace, Jackie Doss, Aaron Corey, John Gasperic
AUG: Ed Poteet, Emily Elbert, 

Renew your membership online

What our members were doing last summer:

Genell Kelso was caught by DMN at a Summer Musicals Workshop. read the article here:

Mary Guthrie has been doing a five-part series about how she got into The Mood Swings and songwriting. Great fun!
It's at

Barbara McMillen spent the summer in Austin working on the re-write of "Give Me A Break". She has started teaching Songwriting at the Collin College Preston Ridge Campus.

for students and members.

Richland College on Sept 20th, 1-5pm, Room 163
Music Biz 101, Song Rights and Key Industry positions,
Anatomy of a Song & Popular Song Forms,
Writing Good Melodies and Lyrics,
plus song critques at a charge of $10 each.
see website for details.


Absolute Rehearsal Studios for all your rehearsal needs
call 214 295-2673
DSA Workshops:


Metaphors and Similes make your song lyrics richer.


BANDS AND ARTISTS; The 5000 Music Group Has
Launched A New Version Of Booking Pro

s Hi there from Trueheart!
Wanted to let you know about a special offer that I wanted to pass on to you, where you can get a free $5 to spend on any music you like at the music website Amie Street.

If you're not familiar with Amie Street, they are an awesome site that prices songs based on demand. Every song starts at free and goes up in price (capped at 98 cents)
based on how many other people are buying that song.

To get your free $5 (or to learn more about Amie Street) just go here:

See you there!

Members can put their gigs and events on the members
yahoo calendar at:

Sept 17-20: Atlantis Music Conference, Atlanta, GA
Sept 19-21: Ft Worth Jazz Fest - free
Sept 18-21: The Chattahippie Music Festival, Chattanooga TN
Sept 24-27: Urban Network Conference, Houston, Tx
Oct 2-4: Durango Songwriters Expo, Cheyenne Mountain Resort
Oct 3-5: AES Convention in San Francisco
Oct 15-18 Listening Room International Songwriter Retreats
Oct 17-18: Llano Heritage Festival, Llano, Tx
Oct 21-25: CMJ Music Marathon, NYC
No 13-14: Billboard Film & TV Music Conference, Los Angeles
Nov 14-18 World United Radio, San Marcos
DSA LYRIC CONTEST-Ongoing-Quarterly Deadlines
Next Deadline OCT 14th
Dallas Songwriters Association 19th annual Song
Contest opens DEADLINE OCT 31

imeem For A Chance To Have Their Song
Featured On The New "90210"

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

The Great American Song Contest Deadline:Oct 10th


11. Monthly Opportunities- For Members Only

One Road Record Productions Is Currently
Seeking Gifted Singers To Join Our "Family"

You'll get this feature via the members-only Yahoo group.

12. –

DSA has a Myspace page to help promote our organization
and to provide another channel of communication to our
members and friends. Please connect to and
Friends We have 2 Yahoo Groups - If you do not
access your yahoo mail periodically, you may be
dropped for our group, so keep your account current.

members only. An easy way to get timely emails about singers
and publishers searching for songs and last minute events.
Members may also inform the group about performance dates
and ask industry related questions of the membership. There is
also access to educational files and the club calendar. Members
are verified for current membership and will have paid a
membership fee.
A general list for anyone interested in keeping up with songwriting
events and other interesting stuff. Generally you will get 1 or 2
emails a month. This is a Distribution only group - meaning that
only the "moderators" can send out emails, and they go out to all
the members of the group. The group is listed in the Yahoo directory, and open for ANYONE to join.

Go to
and click on "JOIN THIS GROUP".
The Dallas Songwriters Association is a non-profit educational
organization dedicated to educating it's members on the craft
and business of Songwriting. Monthly meetings, showcases,
workshops, newsletter, quarterly lyric contest, yearly song contest
and networking events. Join this group to keep up with what's
happening in the music industry.

Monthly Email Issue - That's what this is!
Monthly Hard Copy - handed out at the meeting and mailed
to those who do not have email.

Seasonal Hard Copy - Fall 2007 is on the website announcing
the 2007 Song Contest Semifinalists
The direct link to the page is
I will send you a hard copy if you want one - just email me.
All issues are available in PDF form at our website. Go to the
DSA main page at and click on the Newsletter
link on the left side. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the
document. If you do not have that, go to to
download the free software. You can read it on your computer or
print it. Hard copies were mailed to members who do not have
email addresses or cannot get attachments, or have simply asked
for one. I will mail you one, just ask.
14. Best Songs of the Meeting –

2007 Winning Song No Better Day by Ed Williams
2007 Songwriter of the Year- Ed Williams

NOV 2007
A Man's Gotta Do by Ed Williams
Out of Time by Lisa Apple
DEC 2007
Nothing Left To Burn by Vicky Williams
JAN 2008
The Promise by Ray Phillips, Jim Bardfield, Jesse Block
FEB 2008
Break Even by Charles Sterling
Dancing Feet & Honky Tonk Hearts by Vern Dailey
MARCH 2008
Until Love Comes This Way by Ray Phillips & Richard Davis
APRIL 2008
Weeds In The Sandbox by Vern Dailey and Beverly Houston
MAY 2008
We Don't Eat Together Anymore by Ray Phillips & Bob Paterno
JUNE 2008
The Road I'm Walkin' Now by Ray Phillips
Honky Tonkin by Vern Dailey
JULY 2008
Cowgirl Ballerina by Ray Phillips & Richard Davis
SEPT 2008
September in My Mind by Ray Phillips & Richard Davis
Something Good by Jennifer Carson

Hear the winners each month on


15. Area Performances - Open Mics –News
Mojam (Musi-Cal) Dallas Music Listings

Dallas Morning News GuideLive Music Listings

OPEN MICS - DSA sponsored Dunn Brothers Coffee, 3rd Thursday
Open Mic @ Poor David's Pub Wednesday, (2nd Wednesday)
7pm-Midnight - FREE Admission
Half Price Books NWHY Free Music Open Mic - 1st Thursday
NASHVILLE: The Amanda Williams Monday Writers Night,
which is host to our Durango Songwriters the THIRD
MONDAY of each month, is held at the Blue Bar on Broadway,
starting at 9pm. Next DSE night is November 19th.
Rack Room/Blue Bar 1911 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203 615.327.8001
Songwriters Live showcase in South Orange County, on the fourth
Thursday contact Frank for more area open mics

VENUE LIST- Here is a link to a list of area venues that support
new music and indie artists
CD REVIEW * Trueheart - member, Ross Vick's group is
reviewed in MuseNews.

Songsalive! CD Sampler 10 - GET ON IT NOW!
Deadline November 30, 2008
16. Volunteer and Donation Opportunities
Want to volunteer? Email Barbara McMillen at
info at

Educating Motivating and Uplifting Songwriters Everywhere

DSA is a 501 C-3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to
providing to songwriters everywhere opportunities for learning about
the craft and business of songwriting. Songwriters Newsletter is
published by the Dallas Songwriters Association c/o Sammons
Center for the Arts 3630 Harry Hines Blvd Box 20 Dallas, TX 75219.

Barbara McMillen, Editor,
Founding President Emeritus

Dallas Songwriters Email Newsletter #86 AUG 2008


DSA Meetings -
Every 1st Monday - Songwriting Song Swap Workshop - AUG 4TH
Every 2nd Tuesday - Monthly Guest Speaker, Song & Lyric Critiques NO

DSA Showcases & Open Mics

Every 1st Saturday @ Varsity Club, Plano- THIS SATURDAY - AUG 2

Every 3rd Thursday @ Dunn Brothers Coffee House, Addison- AUG 21ST

Annual Song Contest _ OPENS NEXT WEEK

Songs From Soul of Service - WINNERS ANNOUNCED